Ansible and Docker Compose provisioning for infrastructure.
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Dan Helfman 703c6c3dee Install rsync. 2 weeks ago
backup Placate borgmatic warning. 3 weeks ago
build_server Add recommended nginx headers for build server. 3 months ago
calendar_server Rename a bunch of roles to use the "_docker" suffix. 1 year ago Fixing incorrect service names. 6 months ago
common Install rsync. 2 weeks ago
container_dashboard Fix compatiblity with new Portainer version. 1 month ago
docker Fix Docker version string. Add comments about work-around. 2 months ago
docker_compose Home Assistant. 2 months ago
domain_name_server Add firewall (#13). 4 months ago
firewall/tasks Update common/firewall roles to support Manjaro. 2 months ago
gitea Fix for application->database requests intermittently getting routed to the wrong database because they shared a service name!!! 1 year ago
home_automation Pin specific version of Home Assistant image. 1 month ago Fixing incorrect service names. 6 months ago
mail_server Add firewall (#13). 4 months ago
mediagoblin Got Mediagoblin email sending working with new mail server. Cut out the relay! 11 months ago
monitoring Fix client certs breaking Let's Encrypt certificate renewal (#16). 1 month ago
time_synchronization/tasks Move time synchronization (client) out to its own role. 1 month ago Add wedding site. 6 months ago
web_server HTTP client certificate support. Switch to it for 2 months ago
wireless Make Docker/NetworkManager/wifi start on boot. Open up MQTT port. 2 months ago