Ansible and Docker Compose provisioning for infrastructure.
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Dan Helfman 7309da14d1 Upgrade Docker Compose. 2 months ago
audio_server Fix permissions better. 5 months ago
backup Add missing dependency. 5 months ago
build_server Remove work-around for Drone Docker plugin issue. 2 months ago
calendar_server Fix calendar server passlib dependency (Python 3 now). 9 months ago
common Add auto apt update to Debian. 4 months ago
container_dashboard Fix Portainer. 6 months ago
docker/tasks Upgrade Debian. 5 months ago
docker_compose Upgrade Docker Compose. 2 months ago
domain_name_server Be explicit about more value types. 3 years ago
firewall/tasks Add audio server. 3 years ago
gitea Upgrade Postgres for Mediagoblin and Gitea. 6 months ago
home_automation Another hidraw device change. 2 months ago
kids_music_player Remove xautolock to prevent screen locking. 3 months ago
mail_server Disable Dovecot full-text search because the indexer eats too much CPU and RAM. 3 months ago
mediagoblin Upgrade Postgres for Mediagoblin and Gitea. 6 months ago
monitoring A few lint fixes. 2 years ago
notification_server Notification server (Gotify). 1 year ago
remote_server Don't suspend a server even when off power. 2 months ago
reverse_proxy Switch audio server to use Traefik v2 reverse proxy. 2 years ago
time_synchronization/tasks Move time synchronization (client) out to its own role. 3 years ago Add borgmatic redirect for no trailing slash. 2 years ago
web_server Upgrade nginx and nginx-proxy. 7 months ago
wireless Get home automation related roles working on Raspbian. 1 year ago