182 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dan Helfman c8112c5317 Rev Home Assistant. 2 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman ba76944a4d Create and use internal Docker networks for internal-facing containers. 2 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman 366663f757 Remove expose of internal Gitea HTTP port. 2 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman 8e4fc810f2 Upgrade PostgreSQL for MediaGoblin. 2 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman 5d6019e7a8 Upgrade PostgreSQL version for Gitea. 2 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman af47945a98 Upgrade Home Assistant and parameterize version. 3 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman cd4385f625 Redirect www.torsion.org to torsion.org. 3 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman efeea27ea6 Fix 500ing redirect at mail2.torsion.org root. 3 weeks ago
  Dan Helfman 8dea8d46d0 Break out separate remote server role. Add powerline for tmux config. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 4773ba6b0b Set system locale to UTF-8 to support mosh. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 7bd83cb304 Actually enable ufw. (Necessary on Manjaro.) 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman b792b88ac8 Merge branch 'mailu-upgrade' 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 783be88b3a Work-around for broken Docker Compose pull. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 9fdd25ef72 Various Mailu 1.6 fixes after running role on test server. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 5f44fbd818 Upgrade Home Assistant. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 767fbf9ef7 Remove unnecessary fetchmail. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 99caa584f2 Upgrade Mailu configuration and Compose to 1.6. Untested. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 041c1e22e4 Bump Docker Compose version. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 305a863426 Unpin Docker CE. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 29b9b7196b Fix Manjaro OS detection. 1 month ago
  Dan Helfman 703c6c3dee Install rsync. 2 months ago
  Dan Helfman 72fb1ab19c Placate borgmatic warning. 2 months ago
  Dan Helfman c33cd71982 Pin specific version of Home Assistant image. 3 months ago
  Dan Helfman b5f1729bbc Fix compatiblity with new Portainer version. 3 months ago
  Dan Helfman ca785403ee Fix client certs breaking Let's Encrypt certificate renewal (#16). 3 months ago
  Dan Helfman 4b727af358 Fix client certs breaking Let's Encrypt certificate renewal (#16). 3 months ago
  Dan Helfman 87e2e00418 Move time synchronization (client) out to its own role. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman 13fa66e5eb Sigh. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman a8f1b46fd1 Fix Docker version string. Add comments about work-around. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman 55f3c2b9e8 Upgrade Docker. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman b4d27aa777 Self-signed HTTPS cert for Home Assistant. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman 5186f5d97e HTTP client certificate support. Switch to it for monitoring.torsion.org. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman a37686b869 Time synchronization. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman c8e2703b50 Make Docker/NetworkManager/wifi start on boot. Open up MQTT port. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman 86335868e1 Home Assistant. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman a7c0673866 Add fakeroot to make checkupdates work on Manjaro. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman db29ce5677 Wireless role for automation. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman eb68c0a830 Update common/firewall roles to support Manjaro. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman ddaee620e3 Lower kernel swappiness to keep from running out of swap. 5 months ago
  Dan Helfman fb0ee82636 Add missing tags to common role, and explicitly set kernel swappiness. 5 months ago
  Dan Helfman 248cc08f7e Switch to new ansible apt module list syntax. 5 months ago
  Dan Helfman 54711c8f33 Add recommended nginx headers for build server. 5 months ago
  Dan Helfman bcab8b4fc6 Build server (#14). 5 months ago
  Dan Helfman da08252354 Enable netdata web_log monitoring. 5 months ago
  Dan Helfman 1200215118 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://projects.torsion.org:3022/witten/provisioning 6 months ago
  Dan Helfman 4fe2ea372e Upgrade Docker. 6 months ago
  Dan Helfman 1c440d07c4 Switch netdata Docker image and enable alerting via email. 6 months ago
  Dan Helfman 8bc7dec571 Unfirewall mosh. 6 months ago
  Dan Helfman 0bbb182e33 Add firewall (#13). 6 months ago
  Dan Helfman 47368da7cc Monitoring with netdata (part of #12). 6 months ago