Ansible and Docker Compose provisioning for infrastructure.
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Dan Helfman 97437012f0 Add auto apt update to Debian. 1 week ago
group_vars Update Gitea OAuth2 secrets for Drone. 6 months ago
private_keys Remove unused SSH key. 3 years ago
public_keys Add media user to audio server for Kodi mounting of music files. 2 years ago
roles Add auto apt update to Debian. 1 week ago
.gitignore Basic Mailu mail server configuration. 4 years ago
.hgignore Adding .hgignore. 6 years ago
ansible.cfg Get home automation related roles working on Raspbian. 10 months ago
bootstrap Rename some scripts. 4 years ago
hosts Add audio server. 2 years ago
provision Switch from openssl connection to paramiko to sidestep timeouts. 2 weeks ago
site.yml Upgrade Drone. 2 weeks ago