A screenless music player for kids. Play particular songs or internet radio stations by typing numbers.
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play-by-number is a screenless music player for kids. It allows them to play preconfigured songs or internet radio stations by typing corresponding numbers, e.g. from a local Subsonic/Navidrome server.


  • pacman -S mpv
  • pip install --user subsonic-cli
  • git clone this repository.


Make a subsonic-cli.cfg file in the repository directory with the following contents, customized to your Subsonic/Navidrome server and user.

url = https://airsonic.yourdomain.com
username = YOUR_USER
password = YOUR_PASSWORD

Edit the play-by-number script to play or stream your desired music. Also adjust quiet hours as desired.


  • ./play-by-number
  • Press a number key and press enter to play a song or internet radio.