28 Commits (master)

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  Dan Helfman 5c63f675c3 Upgrade SQLAlchemy. 4 months ago
  Dan Helfman b2e2ade44f User management documentation (#1). 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 1cce298f22 Switch back to correct (implicit) mediagoblin uid? 10 months ago
  Dan Helfman 43eb288ee9 Fix recursive chmod regression. 10 months ago
  Dan Helfman a961f301ad Tweaks to reduce duplicate files and therefore image size. 10 months ago
  Dan Helfman d16111052a Bump SQLAlchemy version. 11 months ago
  Dan Helfman 5975a8ccdf Pin SQLAlchemy so as not to use pre-release. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman df2b790b9d Upgrade Tini, remove sqlalchemy pin, rebuild from Mediagoblin master. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman d69bfd5795 Support for real email sending without a relay. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman c24b202a7e Slightly lowering resolution. 1080p is just too much. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 1f36d6c080 Trying out a much larger max resolution. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 93e619824f Removing skip transcode, as many of the skipped file formats don't play nicely in browsers. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 83231431e6 Noting that it's a private server. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman e72b7c0d2a Add bullets to README. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 09ff06e4ff Add basic README. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 458b01c218 Remove expose port 443, which isn't used. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 2625bd91fb Upgrading base image to Debian stretch. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 6ba18c8161 Temporary fix for SQLAlchemy compatibility issue. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 31b440177d Greatly reduced image size by using multi-stage Docker build. 2 years ago
  Dan 432ae3e08b Upgrade setuptools for packages that expect it. 2 years ago
  Dan f6023992de Don't transcode video if it's in a common format browser can play. 2 years ago
  Dan de08b9bf59 Add convenience scripts for build and push of the Docker image. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman a90b48bd6d Installing netcat for wait-for command. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 59fac0e94d Fix permissions. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman a6178ee7e6 Waiting for database to come up. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman bd89ed45d8 Moving out Docker Compose config. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman b7751c553d Forwarding email relay configuration. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 663b8aa887 Initial import. 2 years ago