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## Example
docker run --detach --name=mediagoblin \
$ sudo docker run --detach --name=mediagoblin \
--env \
--env \
--env EMAIL_PORT=587 \
@ -39,3 +39,31 @@ docker run --detach --name=mediagoblin \
--publish 80:80 \
## User management
Since this image is for running a private MediaGoblin server, user
self-registration is disabled. So, to add a user, first exec into the running
Docker image:
$ sudo docker exec -it mediagoblin bash
Where `mediagoblin` is the name of your running Docker container. If you dont
know the name to use, try looking in `docker ps` output.
Then, add a user (follow the prompts):
# su - mediagoblin
$ gmg --conf_file /app/mediagoblin_local.ini adduser
Finally, if you want to make the new user into an admin user:
$ gmg --conf_file /app/mediagoblin_local.ini makeadmin username
Where `username` corresponds to the user you added above.