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# MediaGoblin
A basic container for a MediaGoblin media server (, including Nginx and uWSGI. Assumes a separate PostgreSQL database for persistence, and an email relay host for sending email notifications.
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## Environment variables
`NOTIFICATION_EMAIL`: From address for MediaGoblin notification emails.
`EMAIL_RELAY_HOST`: Hostname used to send outgoing notification emails. Since MediaGoblin isn't terribly configurable as an email client, it's recommended that this "host" is a mail relay like
`DATABASE_URL`: Connection string for database to use for persistence, including credentials. See example below.
## Volumes
`/app/user_dev`: Location to store user media uploads.
## Ports
`80`: Only listens on port 80 for HTTP. Intended to be used in conjunction with an external reverse proxy like to provide HTTPS or anything else that's needed.
## Example
docker run --detach --name=mediagoblin \
--env \
--env \
--env DATABASE_URL=postgresql:// \
--volume /var/lib/mediagoblin/user_dev:/app/user_dev \
--publish 80:80 \