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Personal wiki notebook (not under development)
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* Fixed a bug that prevented use of the AltGr key on Polish and other
* Added a section in the INSTALL file for developers building their own
Luminotes Desktop installer.
* Added missing tools/usb_luminotes.sh for launching Luminotes Desktop from a
USB drive on Linux.
* Now stripping certain invisible placeholder characters from print version
of Luminotes notebooks. These characters could show up when copy and pasted
into another application.
* New "-w" option to luminotes.py that prevents web browser from opening when
Luminotes Desktop is started. Also added "--help" to show other available
options. Patches from Pete Burgers.
1.6.17: July 26, 2009
* Fixed a bug that caused ever-growing notes in Internet Explorer 8.
1.6.16: July 14, 2009
* Fixed a bug that prevented the new note button from working in Internet
Explorer. This fixes Luminotes support for Internet Explorer 8.
1.6.15: July 12, 2009
* No longer charging for Luminotes Desktop or offering subscription signups.
* Fixed a Firefox 3.5 bug in which after ending a link ctrl-L, typed text
ended up as part of the link. Now, ctrl-L properly ends the link and any
typed text after the link does not become linked itself.
* Fixed a Firefox 3.5 bug in which bold mode (or italics mode) would
inexplicably end after typing a few characters.
* Fixed a Firefox 3.5 bug in which spacing at the top of each note changed
when a note was focused.
* Fixed an Internet Explorer 8 bug in which the toolbar was positioned
incorrectly. Note that as of this release, there are a number of other
Internet Explorer 8 issues.
1.6.14: June 14, 2009
* Fixed a bug in which some printed or exported notes appeared in
alphabetical order instead of your chosen ordering.
1.6.13: May 20, 2009
* Added a dynamic preview of your current color selections to the color
picker. This lets you see what the selected colors will look like as you
are selecting them.
* Made the color picker stay open after a color is selected. This makes it
easier to set both foreground and background colors.
* Fixed a Chrome/Safari bug in which popups such as those for export and
color were not positioned correctly if the page was scrolled past the top.
* Fixed a bug in which certain popups on the left and right side of the page
scrolled along with the page instead of staying fixed in place.
* Fixed a bug in which detecting or saving colors set on note titles did not
1.6.12: May 19, 2009
* Added a toolbar color button for setting text and background colors.
* Added a "start a new discussion" link to each discussion forum page.
* Updated Luminotes Server INSTALL file with instructions for setting the
http_url configuration setting.
* You can now middle click on a link within a note to open it in a new
browser window or tab.
* Fixed a bug in Luminotes Desktop in which a backslash within a note was
duplicated each time the note was saved.
* Fixed a bug in which right clicking on a note did not always open the web
browser's context menu.
* Fixed a bug in which special characters in a customer's name prevented
PayPal payments from going through properly.
1.6.11: April 28, 2009
* Rewrote the way that the toolbar is implemented, laying the groundwork for
themes in a subsequent release.
* Changed some of the "+" buttons to be more descriptive: "+ notebook" and
"+ note link".
* Moved search field up above "notes" heading.
* Fixed a bug in which toolbar buttons didn't depress based on the current
location of the text cursor.
* Fixed a bug in which discussion forum bylines ("Posted by...") were
sometimes duplicated several times on a given post. Now bylines are
displayed below each post rather than within it.
* Fixed a Firefox bug in which removing some bold text and then typing new
text would make the new text bold. Now, if you completely remove some bold
text (rather than just a portion of it), any new text that you type will be
* Fixed a Firefox bug in which copying and pasting text between notes
inserted line breaks in the pasted text.
1.6.10: March 20, 2009
* Faster uploads and downloads for users of luminotes.com.
* Luminotes Server improvements:
* Fixed a bug in examples/luminotes_debian_initscript that prevented the
"stop" command from working properly.
* Added support for using the nginx web server with Luminotes. See the
INSTALL file for more information.
* Fixed a problem in which copying and pasting text containing newlines
caused the pasted newlines to appear as spaces.
1.6.9: March 16, 2009
* Added a remove formatting feature to the tools menu. This allows you to
strip out all formatting from the currently selected text.
* Luminotes discussion forums now change the discussion thread link color
based on whether there are any new posts since you last visited the
thread. This makes it much easier to keep up with a particular discussion.
* Fixed a bug in which the filename of an exported HTML file was just
"export" instead of being based on the notebook name.
1.6.8: March 3, 2009
* You can now print your entire notebook. Just click the "print" link on the
left side of the page.
* You can now print an individual note. Just click the "tools" tab on a note
and then "print this note".
* Changed the order of exported HTML and CSV notebooks so that after all the
"startup" notes are included, the remaining notes are included in
alphabetical order (instead of reverse chronological order).
* Instead of converting unsupported HTML tags to plain text when a note is
saved, Luminotes now simply strips out all unsupported tags. This further
improves copy and pasting text from programs like MS Word.
* Fixed a compatibility problem with newer versions of SQLite. (Luminotes
was using a reserved keyword as an identifier.) This only affected those
people who installed Luminotes Server themselves.
1.6.7: February 23, 2009
* When you export your notebook as an HTML or CSV file, the saved filename is
now based on the name of your notebook, for instance "my-to-do-list.html"
or "ideas-for-my-novel.csv".
* Several minor improvements to CSV importing and exporting.
* Converted the existing HTML and CSV export features to work as separate
export plugins. This means that a new export format can be implemented as
a new plugin.
* There is now a downloadable free trial for Luminotes Desktop!
1.6.6: February 16, 2009
* Luminotes now recognizes "mailto:" links as external links, so you can
include links to email addresses within your notes.
* Several Luminotes Desktop improvements:
* There is now a "close" link at the top of the page to completely shut
down the process when you're done using Luminotes.
* Luminotes Desktop now attempts to always run on a particular port number,
which means that as long as it's running you can reach it from a constant
web address.
* You can now copy the Luminotes Desktop web address and paste it into
another web browser without getting an error message.
* Now, if you copy a link from another web page and paste it into a note,
Luminotes properly recognizes it as an external link (rather than a link to
a note).
* Fixed a bug in which clicking "compare versions" during a conflict didn't
actually display the changes between the two versions.
1.6.5: February 12, 2009
* Now ignoring even more unneeded HTML tags from an MS Word copy-and-paste.
* Fixed a bug in Internet Explorer in which hiding a focused note could cause
the next note to display incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug in Internet Explorer in which opening a note by following a link
didn't display the opened note correctly.
* Fixed a bug in which a drag-and-dropped note occasionally didn't resize back
to its original size.
* Re-fixed a bug in which hiding a focused note could (temporarily) leave an
empty gap at the bottom of the page.
1.6.4: February 12, 2009
* Now ignoring certain unneeded HTML tags that end up in your notes when you
copy and paste text from an MS Word document.
* Fixed a bug in which clicking on the title field within a link pulldown did
not position the text cursor there.
* Fixed a bug in which clicking on an unfocused note didn't position the text
cursor in the correct location.
* Fixed bugs related to the display and hiding of previous note revisions.
* Fixed a bug in which moving a note and then clicking the "changes" tab on
any other note failed to show that note's previous revisions.
* Fixed a bug in which hiding a note could produce a spurious save conflict
notification error.
1.6.3: February 11, 2009
* Introduced cache-busting code to make pages update more reliably after a
new release.
* Added initial (untested) support for Internet Explorer 8 beta.
1.6.2: February 11, 2009
* Added drag-and-drop note reordering.
* Fixed a visual bug in which a second title within a note had insufficient
vertical spacing above it.
1.6.1: January 29, 2009
* Fixed a bug in which hiding a focused note could (temporarily) leave an
empty gap at the bottom of the page.
* Fixed a bug in which performing a search when search results were already
open would just hide the initial search results without showing the new
* Fixed a bug in which emptying the trash worked but produced a spurious
error message.
1.6.0: January 27, 2009
* Switching between notebooks and loading notebooks is now much faster.
* Several new keyboard shortcuts:
* Switch to the next open note: Page down
* Switch to the previous open note: Page up
* Start a search: Ctrl-slash
* Save the current note: Ctrl-space
* Fixed various bugs related to the subscription page.
* Dropped support for Internet Explorer version 6. But version 7+ is still
fully supported!
1.5.12: December 30, 2008
* Fixed a bug in which clicking on the notebook rename text field ended the
renaming prematurely.
* Potential fix for a bug in which product downloads and attached file
downloads occasionally did not complete in Internet Explorer.
* Added a 30-day free trial to all Luminotes subscription plans, and updated
the pricing page accordingly.
1.5.11: December 27, 2008
* Added a font selection button to the toolbar.
* Decreased the default note text font size, so now you can see more of your
note text at once.
* Added rounded corners to several display elements.
* Improved the layout on low-resolution displays (1024x768 and below).
* Fixed a Luminotes Desktop bug in which creating and then clicking on a new
note link sometimes caused a red error message.
* Fixed a bug in which yellow pulldowns that were opened towards the bottom
of the page appeared partially off the page.
* Fixed a bug in which forum post permalinks didn't work on posts after the
first ten in a particular thread.
1.5.10: December 4, 2008
* Fixed a bug in which certain new installations of Luminotes Desktop
on Windows yielded an "uh oh" error on initial launch. This bug did
not occur during upgrades. It only affected new installations.
1.5.9: December 3, 2008
* When you hover the mouse over a link and a link pulldown appears, that
pulldown will now automatically disappear soon after you move the mouse
* Changed the "new note" key from ctrl-N to ctrl-M so as not to conflict with
the "new browser window" key used in most web browsers.
* Fixed a Chrome/Safari bug in which ending a link didn't always work.
* Fixed a rare Chrome/Safari bug in which pressing backspace sometimes made
the text cursor vanish.
* Fixed an Internet Explorer bug in which backspace sometimes didn't work,
such as when backspacing an empty list element.
1.5.8: November 24, 2008
* Fixed a bug that prevented notes from being automatically saved in certain
* Fixed a rare bug in which Luminotes sometimes indicated that the current
note was saved even when it wasn't.
* Fixed a bug that prevented deleted notes from being displayed within the
1.5.7: November 18, 2008
* Rearranged the links on the left and right side of the wiki editing page
so that the note title links have a little more horizontal breathing room.
* You can now add an existing note directly to the note tree, instead of
having to click "options" -> "show on startup".
* Improved site navigation by adding more useful links to the page footer.
* Converted the Luminotes blog to work like a forum, so now you can post
comments on Luminotes blog posts.
* You can now subscribe to an RSS feed in order to follow a whole Luminotes
discussion forum.
* The listing of threads in a discussion forum now shows how many posts
there are in each thread.
* Fixed a bug in which search result note summaries were not showing the
portion of the note that matched the search term. (Luminotes Server)
* Fixed a visual bug in which undoing the deletion of a note didn't always
make the note reappear, even though the undeletion always worked.
* NOTE: After upgrading to this release, you must restart memcached to clear
the cache. Failing to do so will cause errors with the Notebook object.
This does not apply to Luminotes Desktop.
1.5.6: November 12, 2008
* Greatly improved the speed of wiki searching for Luminotes Server and
luminotes.com. Also included a section on search performance within the
* Added permalinks to blog and discussion forum posts.
* Fixed a bug in Internet Explorer in which clicking a link sometimes caused
the browser window to scroll to the destination note, only to immediately
scroll back to the clicked link.
* No longer displaying annoying warning messages about Safari/Chrome support
being considered "beta".
* NOTE: Luminotes Server only, not Luminotes Desktop: Before you start
Luminotes Server after this upgrade, run the following command as the
PostgreSQL superuser (usually "postgres"):
echo "create language plpgsql;" | psql luminotes
Then, once you start Luminotes Server, be prepared to wait up to several
minutes while the database search indices regenerate.
1.5.5: November 6, 2008
* Improved speed of Luminotes Desktop by adding some database indices. This
will help in particular for larger notebooks with many notes.
* Added some code to automatically upgrade your database when upgrading to a
new Luminotes release. This applies to all Luminotes products.
* Added code to support Luminotes discussion forums.
* Laid some of the foundational groundwork for future tags support.
* Made the subscription pricing page a little less confusing by hiding some
of the bigger plans by default.
* Increased the limit on characters per note from 25,000 to 50,000.
* Fixed a visual conflict between your web browser's search field
autocomplete and Luminotes built-in suggest-as-you-type feature.
* Fixed an occasional bug that caused unexpected logouts. The solution was
to move the session information into the database where it could be
properly locked.
* NOTE: After upgrading to this release, you must restart memcached to clear
the cache. Failing to do so will cause errors with the Note object. This
does not apply to Luminotes Desktop.
* NOTE: After upgrading to this release and starting Luminotes, you can
optionally convert all existing user sessions with the script
tools/convert_sessions.py. This is not necessary for Luminotes Desktop.
1.5.4: October 9, 2008
* Fixed a visual bug in which clicking up or down to reorder your notebooks
didn't display correctly.
1.5.3: October 9, 2008
* Safari and Chrome web browsers are now supported (beta):
* You can now create and end links.
* Underline and strikethrough now work.
* Pulldowns for search suggestions, importing, and exporting show up.
* Pulldowns on inline images are now positioned correctly.
* Uploading files now works reliably instead of just once.
* Note resizing (growing and shrinking) works (mostly) as expected.
* Improved page loading speed and fixed a rare session locking timeout bug
by removing all implicit session locking.
* Fixed a bug that broke the Luminotes Desktop product download page if
PayPal took too long to notify Luminotes of the purchase.
1.5.2: October 1, 2008
* Leading/trailing spaces in note titles are now ignored when making links
to such notes. This means that creating a link titled "my note" to a note
called "my note " now works properly.
* Leading/trailing spaces and newlines in note titles and contents are now
stripped out when exporting to CSV.
* Fixed a bug in which clicking the "export" link when the current note was
unsaved did not open the export pulldown.
* Changed the warning about Safari/Chrome/Opera incompatibility to be an
in-page message instead of a popup alert so as to be slightly less
1.5.1: September 28, 2008
* Implemented CSV exporting, so now you can export all of your notes to a
CSV spreadsheet file. This currently doesn't include revision history or
attached files.
* Improved CSV importing so you can export a CSV of your notes from one
Luminotes installation and import that CSV into a different Luminotes
* Fixed a bug in which the image preview page didn't correctly handle
filenames containing special characters.
1.5.0: September 12, 2008
* Initial release of Luminotes Desktop!
* Fixed a Luminotes Desktop Internet Explorer bug in which note links within
the "download as html" document pointed to notes in the local Luminotes
installation instead of notes within the stand-alone document.
* Fixed a bug in which Luminotes Desktop file attachment did not always work
due to incorrect upload progress reporting.
* In the revision changes pulldown, no longer showing "by desktopuser" in
Luminotes Desktop.
* Added a Luminotes Desktop download page.
* Added code for supporting product download access.
1.5.0 beta 1: August 27, 2008
* Completed the Luminotes Desktop Windows installer.
* Improved logging, so tracebacks in production and desktop mode actually go
to a file. Also removed logs on startup to prevent endless log growth.
* Added a usb_luminotes.bat Windows batch file and a usb_luminotes.sh shell
file to run Luminotes from a USB drive.
* Moved "files" directory into ~/.luminotes or %APPDATA%\Luminotes.
* NOTE: After upgrading to this release, you must move your Luminotes
"files" directory into ~/.luminotes/ or you will not be able to access
your uploaded files:
mkdir ~/.luminotes
chmod 700 ~/.luminotes
mv files ~/.luminotes
1.4.27: August 22, 2008
* Fixed a bug in tools/initdb.py and tools/updatedb.py that caused them to
only use some of the configured settings.
* Progress on Luminotes Desktop, including the Windows installer.
1.4.26: August 20, 2008:
* Ported all database code to support SQLite in addition to the existing
PostgreSQL support. This is a necessary first step for Luminotes Desktop.
* Updated all unit tests to test against an in-memory SQLite database. This
increases unit test code coverage to include Luminotes SQL code.
* Fixed a rare bug in which undeleting a note via "undo" sometimes does not
show the undeleted note even if the undelete is successful.
1.4.25: August 11, 2008:
* Fixed a bug in which the character encoding of uploaded CSV files was not
properly detected and used to decode the file. Note that this fix
introduces a new dependency: http://chardet.feedparser.org/ found in the
python-chardet package.
1.4.24: August 11, 2008:
* Added a light gray line under note title text to make it clearer that it's
a title as opposed to just bold text.
* Fixed a bug in Firefox 3 in which disabling title text did not work.
* Fixed a bug in Firefox 2 and 3 in which pasting a paragraph tag into a
note caused the enter key to change from inserting a line break tag to
inserting a paragraph tag.
1.4.23: August 11, 2008:
* New notebook import feature for importing notes from a CSV file. (Beta.)
* Enforcing maximum note length after stripping the note of any disallowed
HTML tags instead of before. This makes Luminotes work better when cutting
and pasting lots of text from MS Word.
1.4.22: August 1, 2008:
* Skipping clearing of messages/errors if they haven't been open long enough
to read.
* Fixed a bug in which renaming a link title and then pressing ctrl-L would
replace the link destination.
1.4.21: July 30, 2008:
* Fixed bug in IE 7 in which there was too much horizontal spacing at very
wide resolutions.
* Increased speed of note hiding animations.
1.4.20: July 30, 2008:
* By popular demand, added a "save" button that becomes grayed out when
everything is saved.
* Now displaying "saving" status text in addition to "loading".
* Made both left and right navigation areas of the page have a fixed
position, so they stay in one spot even when you scroll your notes.
1.4.19: July 29, 2008:
* When scrolling to and then highlighting a note, do so serially instead of
in parallel.
* Made speed of scrolling to a note or message slightly faster.
* Removed big yellow "sign up for free" box from the sign up page itself.
1.4.18: July 28, 2008:
* Fixed a bug where clicking the link for an updated note in an RSS feed did
not properly redirect to that note after login.
* "Nothing but notes" mode now hides the toolbar as well.
* Rephrased some of the links to the signup page.
1.4.17: July 24, 2008:
* Updated the product tour with an analogy to index cards.
1.4.16: July 18, 2008:
* Slightly increased the size of the file upload pulldown to look better in
various browsers (and not cut off text within the frame).
* When you invite other people to view or edit your notebook, you can now
see the invite link they'll receive in case you want to copy and paste it
to them yourself.
1.4.15: July 15, 2008:
* Reduced the size of the font within the upload pulldown to match the other
* Added some frequently asked questions (and answers) to the pricing & sign
up page.
* Updated the original FAQ page accordingly.
1.4.14: July 12, 2008:
* Fixed a bug in which pressing tab/shift-tab when a suggest pulldown was
open caused the current text to indent/outdent.
1.4.13: July 11, 2008:
* New "revert" button to roll back a note's contents to an earlier revision.
1.4.12: July 7, 2008:
* Fixed a bug in which tab/shift-tab for indending/outdenting nested lists
no longer worked. Also made it work in IE as well (which it never has).
* controller.Root.guide() now accepts an optional note_id parameter.
* Fixed a bug in which clicking a note title suggestion from within the link
info title field sometimes didn't update the link properly. This was due
to a race condition between the link info pulldown's onblur/onchange
handler and the suggestion onclick handler, both of which tried to update
the link, title, and summary at about the same time.
* Possibly fixed a bug in which the displayed suggestions sometimes did not
reflect the most recent characters typed.
1.4.11: June 29, 2008:
* Fixed bug in which bolding of suggest-as-you-type search text was case
sensitive. Now it's case insensitive.
1.4.10: June 29, 2008:
* New suggest-as-you-type feature for creating a new link, setting a link's
destination, and even for searching a notebook.
* Fixed a bug where typing a space within a link in IE caused the space
to be added to the end of the link.
* Backspacing at the end of a link in IE no longer ends the link.
1.4.9: June 25, 2008:
* When linking to a note by title, the note resolution is now
case-insensitive instead of case-sensitive.
1.4.8: June 23, 2008:
* Replaced "add new notebook" link with new notebook button next to
"notebooks" heading.
* Reorganized and renamed some notebook links on the right side of the page.
1.4.7: June 21, 2008:
* New favicon.ico image that looks slightly less dated.
1.4.6: June 18, 2008:
* New screenshot and new tour shots.
1.4.5: June 18, 2008:
* You can now resize embedded images (small, medium, or large).
* Fixed a bug that potentially caused link pulldowns to open in the wrong
location when the page was scrolled past the top.
1.4.4: June 17, 2008:
* Links to embedded images now show up within the note tree's list of links.
* Links to files that have not yet been uploaded (or have been deleted) are
now excluded from the note tree's list of links.
1.4.3: June 16, 2008:
* Fixed a bug in which an image thumbnail could not be loaded unless
you had a valid session. This prevented thumbnails from showing up
if, for instance, you were reading the Luminotes blog from an RSS
reader that didn't establish a session.
1.4.2: June 16, 2008:
* Fixed a bug that caused image files to get deleted if there were multiple
images embedded within a single note.
* Prevented a link pulldown from auto-opening by hovering if another
pulldown is already open.
1.4.1: June 16, 2008:
* Implemented support for embedded images within wiki notes.
* You can now open a link pulldown by simply hovering the mouse over a link
for a few seconds.
* Tweaked the popup positioning code to prevent popups from getting smashed
into the right side of the page.
* Updated tools/set_plan.py to automatically update a user's group
* Removed Google AdWords <script> tag from distributed Luminotes tarball,
as not every installation of Luminotes uses AdWords.
1.4.0: June 9, 2008
* Implemented some basic user administration features, allowing you to
create Luminotes users yourself.
* Added new rate plans with support for user administration.
* Wrote a tool for manually updating a user's rate plan: tools/set_plan.py
* Refactored some of the client-side form-handling code to cut down on
special-case hacks.
* NOTE: After upgrading to this release, you must restart memcached to clear
the cache. Failing to do so will cause errors with the User object.
1.3.40: May 27, 2008
* Added some minor product page tweaks like meta description tags.
1.3.39: May 27, 2008
* Removed key binding for title button (ctrl-T), since it was interfering
with tab opening in Firefox.
1.3.38: May 26, 2008
* Attempting to access the RSS feed for a non-existent notebook now
displays a somewhat informative message in the feed instead of just
silently raising an error.
1.3.37: May 20, 2008
* Fixed a bug where image preloading loaded incorrect paths for
certain images.
1.3.36: May 19, 2008
* Fix for bug where read-write notebooks that the anonymous user had
read-only access to would show up as read-only, even when logged in.
1.3.35: May 19, 2008
* Potential fix for bug where caching of Notebook objects can cause
read-write notebooks to display as read-only.
1.3.34: May 19, 2008
* Improved performance of searching multiple notebooks.
1.3.33: May 19, 2008
* Searching now displays results from multiple notebooks and not just the
current notebook.
1.3.32: May 19, 2008
* Decreased some font sizes so more note links don't wrap as much.
1.3.31: May 18, 2008
* Improved the detection of whether an existing note has been altered and
thus needs to be saved to the server.
* Expanded workaround for IE iframe positioning bug to include IE 7.
1.3.30: May 16, 2008
* Updated download page with mention of new Mercurial source repository.
* Added Mercurial link on faq page.
1.3.29: May 16, 2008
* Added support for database hostname and ssl mode in configuration file.
1.3.28: May 14, 2008
* Updated the pricing page with more info about each feature.
1.3.27: May 14, 2008
* Fixed a bug where the toolbar didn't auto-resize if there were no
notes open.
1.3.26: May 13, 2008
* New strikethough toolbar button.
1.3.25: May 13, 2008
* Added timed autosave.
1.3.24: May 12, 2008
* Created different sizes of toolbar buttons.
* Made the toolbar auto-resize based on browser window size.
1.3.23: May 9, 2008
* Fixed tools/release.sh to include an empty session directory in the
produced tarball. Without a session directory, installing and running
Luminotes server would yield session deadlock errors.
1.3.22: May 8, 2008
* In send_invites(), no longer implicitly assuming rate plan 0 has
notebook_collaboration set to False.
1.3.21: May 8, 2008
* Passing new yearly parameter to main page.
1.3.20: May 8, 2008
* Made signup support yearly subscriptions.
1.3.19: May 8, 2008
* Support for yearly subscriptions.
1.3.18: May 7, 2008
* No longer showing "settings" link unless you're viewing your wiki.
* In account settings note, now showing link to upgrade/downgrade/cancel.
1.3.17: May 7, 2008
* Implemented basic user account settings. Now you can change your email
* Fixed a bug where if you load a particular note in its own window, and
that note is a startup note, it shows up in the note tree twice.
1.3.16: May 6, 2008
* Fixed a bug where an invite sent for a notebook with an accented unicode
name would cause a UnicodeEncodeError upon sending the invite email. Now
such invites are encoded as quoted-printable UTF-8, while other invites
continue to be 7-bit ASCII.
1.3.15: May 6, 2008
* Fixed a bug where the "show on startup" checkbox did not appear checked if
you created a startup note, hid it, and then opened it the note tree area.
* Possibly fixed a bug where IE 7 would fail to download as HTML via HTTPS
due to cache issues.
1.3.14: May 5, 2008
* Fixed a database indexing bug that prevented notes with really long (~2700+
character) titles from saving correctly.
* Changed the literal quotation character in the starting wiki note to the
"&quot;" character entity so it doesn't show up as a change in the diff.
* Fixed a bug where attempting to load a notebook preview without access
would give a "list index out of range" error instead of an access error.
* Fixed a bug where the Valid_id() validator would raise a TypeError when
given a None value. Now raising a ValueError instead.
* Fixed a bug where saving a note unsuccessfully could cause the note's
title to show up in the recent updates list.
* If there is an error saving a note, then even if "hide" was clicked, the
note is not hidden. Instead, the note stays open so that the user can try
* Fixed a bug where renaming a note to have no title caused the title to
show up as completely blank in the recent updates list. Now it shows up as
"untitled note".
* Made it clearer whether the invitee has accepted a particular invite yet.
1.3.13: May 5, 2008
* Instructions for enabling JavaScript, linked from various forms that
require it.
1.3.12: May 3, 2008:
* Fixed yet another diff-breaking edge case. This one had to do with
inserting italicized text right before some existing italicized text.
1.3.11: May 2, 2008
* Fixed another bug that prevented diffs from working. This time, those with
<br/> tags didn't parse correctly.
1.3.10: May 2, 2008
* Fixed a bug that prevented diffs from working for notes with links.
1.3.9: May 2, 2008
* When viewing a note's revision, changes since the previous revision are now
shown in red strikeout (deletions/modifications) and green text
1.3.8: April 29, 2008
* Can now load children links for a note that's in the trash.
1.3.7: April 29, 2008
* Several minor font size and other UI changes.
1.3.6: April 28, 2008
* Can now click "more" link to display more than ten "recent updates".
1.3.5: April 24, 2008
* Reducing the number of links in the header by consolidating several into
one "support" link.
1.3.4: April 24, 2008
* Better support for RSS feeds of notebooks with unicode names.
* Now dynamically altering RSS feed link when notebook is renamed.
1.3.3: April 22, 2008
* RSS subscription support for each wiki notebook.
1.3.2: April 18, 2008
* New "nothing but notes" mode, allowing you to hide everything on the page
except for your notes and the toolbar.
1.3.1: April 18, 2008
* Now if you try to load a page where access is required, and you're not
logged in, you'll be redirected to a login page. After you login, you'll
be redirected to the page you were originally trying to access.
* Fixed bug where recent notes were ordered by creation time instead of
revision time.
1.3.0: April 16, 2008
* Created a new hierarchical note tree area for browsing notes.
* Added a list of recent notes.
* Made links to external sites displayed with a little icon, at least in
1.2.24: April 4, 2008
* Several cosmetic and layout changes to the wiki editing page.
* Added rss icon to blog subscribe link.
1.2.23: April 2, 2008
* Now displaying a thumbnail in the file info box for uploaded image files.
* When you click on a link for an image file, a new window opens where you
can see the full image and optionally download it.
1.2.22: March 30, 2008
* Made Html_cleaner strip HTML comments, which Open Office adds for styling
1.2.21: March 30, 2008
* Made Html_cleaner support many more HTML tags and attributes, so users can
cut and paste from other programs into Luminotes.
1.2.20: March 29, 2008
* Fixed a bug in which closing a Luminotes window with an unsaved note in
Firefox would occasionally not save it.
1.2.19: March 26, 2008
* Increased default socket timeout so as not to timeout slow clients.
* Fixed a bug in which Files.purge_unused() deleted the file for a file link
that had a quote_filename parameter.
1.2.18: March 24, 2008
* Newly redesigned upgrade/pricing/signup page. You can now signup for a
Luminotes account and upgrade to a paid plan all at once.
* Added some new user quotes on the front page.
1.2.17: March 18, 2008
* Internet Explorer expects quoted download filenames, while Firefox
doesn't. So I took that into account by quoting conditionally based on the
detected browser.
1.2.16: March 18, 2008
* Fixed a bug that prevented the upload of filenames with special characters
in them.
1.2.15: March 17, 2008
* Fixed the bugs introduced by the previous released.
1.2.14: March 17, 2008
* Added ability to reorder notebooks on the right side of the page.
* Fixed database transaction leak that was wasting memory.
1.2.13: March 11, 2008
* When the "all notes" note is the only note open, it now actually hides when
the "hide" button is clicked.
1.2.12: March 11, 2008
* Resizing browser text now causes wiki notes to resize accordingly.
1.2.11: March 11, 2008
* Added a Debian init script to run the Luminotes server from
1.2.10: March 11, 2008
* More intelligent scrolling when displaying messages and errors.
1.2.9: March 10, 2008
* Show list of all notes on startup if there are no startup notes and the
notebook isn't empty.
1.2.8: March 10, 2008
* No longer popping up a link info box when clicking on a note link.
1.2.7: March 10, 2008
* Fixed a bug where, after you highlighted a link and clicked the link button
to unlink it, the link info box popped up.
* Actually checking in cache changes that were supposed to be in previous
1.2.6: March 10, 2008
* Now creating a new cache connection for each usage of the cache. This will
prevent crashes that arose when multiple threads tried to share a single
1.2.5: March 7, 2008
* Fixed a database bug that could have caused a cache save before a commit.
* Client code now only calls save_note() on the server when necessary, and
takes startup flag into account.
1.2.4: March 6, 2008
* New product tour and new screenshots.
* Added a work-around for a database cache bug that prevented the file upload
progress bar from showing.
* Added a work-around for a UI bug that prevented a note from being saved if
only its startup flag changed.
1.2.3: March 4, 2008
* Client-side JavaScript code now only calls save_note() on the server when
1.2.2: March 4, 2008
* Introduced database object caching to improve performance.
* Wrote a database reaper script to delete unused notes, notebooks, etc.
* Added some database indices to improve select performance.
* Now scrolling the page vertically to show opened errors and messages.
1.2.1: February 29, 2008
* Updated the front page of the site to look nicer and better explain things.
1.2.0: February 25, 2008
* Users can now upload files to attach to their notes.
1.1.3: January 28, 2008
* Now, if you delete a notebook and the only remaining notebook is read-only,
then a new read-write notebook is created for you automatically.
* Made use of HTML <label> tag for UI checkboxes and radio buttons.
* Replaced a workaround for a Firefox DesignMode bug. The bug causes a jumping
text cursor. The previous workaround involved appending <span> tags and had
other negative side-effects. The new workaround involves removing extra <br>
1.1.2: January 22, 2008
* You can no longer edit notes in the trash. You have to undelete them first.
* Fixed several race conditions between save_note() and other note-mutating
controller methods by serializing their calls in the client. This fixes
a bug that prevented note undeletion from working consistently.
1.1.1: January 17, 2008
* Beefed up the tour and added some screenshots.
1.1.0: January 15, 2008
* Users can now upgrade their Luminotes accounts to get additional features
and storage.
* Ability to invite people to your notebook as a collaborator or owner.
* Feature to preview a notebook as a viewer would see it.
* Note revisions list now include username of the user who made that
* If you go to luminotes.com when you're logged in, you'll be automatically
redirected to your first notebook.
* Fixed bug where passwords with special characters broke password hashing.
* Fixed bug that prevented you from opening a note with a title that looked
like an external URL.
* Fixed bug where link info box summaries sometimes contained HTML tags.
1.0.4: December 30, 2007
* Ability to invite people to view your notebook.
* When the web browser is resized, all notes are automatically resized as well.
* Fixed note focusing in Safari.
* Fixed note state detection (bold, italic, etc.) in Safari.
* Improved input validation.
1.0.3: November 28, 2007
* Updated logo, which is now an image and could be theoretically replaced for
branding purposes.
1.0.2: November 28, 2007
* Refactored code that creates note summaries for the link info box.
* Improved error reporting when a loading a page that causes an exception.
1.0.1: November 17, 2007
* Ability to create, rename, delete, and switch between multiple wiki
notebooks in a single account.
1.0.0: November 12, 2007
* Initial release.