26 Commits (master)

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  Dan Helfman 13aae6f996 Converted to use optparse. Patch from Pete Burgers. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman a87a7dcff5 New "-w" option to luminotes.py that prevents web browser from opening when Luminotes Desktop is started. Patch from Pete Burgers. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 388f2fcb02 Foundational work for both tags and discussion forums. Should have checked this in in smaller pieces. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman b7a15f035c Luminotes Desktop no longer listens on a fixed port, but instead finds a random available port. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman c0d512920e Setting permissions on log files to 600 for privacy reasons. Also naming log files to include username on Linux. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 7a65670c45 Now storing uploaded files in home directory / APPDATA. And made uploads always use binary mode, necessary on Windows. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman e8b13f7753 Generalized the setup.py packaging a bit so it's not all py2exe-centric. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman fed6bb7b9d Configured a separate error log where tracebacks go. Should work on all platforms. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 0711295789 Adding missing import. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 5065720da9 Remove the existing log file on startup. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 2c5ba50863 Now logging properly to a file with config/Desktop.py, and removing the log file on Windows during uninstall. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman ace983aac0 Only chdir to the main path if there is one. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 3e7cd20d43 New "-k" command-line parameter to shutdown an existing local Luminotes server (if allowed by the configuration). 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 6db1494f9c Calling change_to_main_dir() earlier so it actually influences config/Desktop.py, which calls os.getcwd(). 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman f092abee11 Automatically change to directory where executable / main script is located. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman af145cd79c Automatically assume "-l" (local/desktop) option when running from within a py2exe executable. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 4cd1e4239d Modified Files.upload() to work even when the user's rate plan has no quota. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 58cf113f71 Fixing broken parameter parsing. Should really generalize this and maybe do real parsing. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 9d4a33218f Updated Database.py, initdb.py, and updatedb.py to support local SQLite database. Still need other changes in model/*.py though. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 3d1919287b Began a local/desktop mode, and made the server exit upon startup if it's already running. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 20995d3b2e Added support for database hostname and ssl mode in configuration file. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 7cc155ac64 Increasing default socket timeout in attempt to combat occasional save_note() timeouts. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 8262281483 Adding a Debian init script for the Luminotes server. 10 years ago
  Dan Helfman 43c6f54e9f Merged revisions 401-446 via svnmerge from 11 years ago
  Dan Helfman 0ac518e395 * controller.Users.current() now returns an http_url if one is configured in config/Common.py 11 years ago
  Dan Helfman 9029c713d4 Renaming main file to luminotes.py 11 years ago
  Dan Helfman 02cfca5322 Renaming repository to new name: luminotes 11 years ago