331 Commits (master)

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  Dan Helfman 13aae6f996 Converted to use optparse. Patch from Pete Burgers. 8 years ago
  Dan Helfman a87a7dcff5 New "-w" option to luminotes.py that prevents web browser from opening when Luminotes Desktop is started. Patch from Pete Burgers. 8 years ago
  Dan Helfman 0002f270e4 Adding changelog item about stripping of placeholder chars. 8 years ago
  Dan Helfman 701d1b880a Added missing tools/usb_luminotes.sh for launching Luminotes Desktop from a 8 years ago
  Dan Helfman 908d7610e5 Full instructions for producing the Luminotes Desktop installer on Windows. 8 years ago
  Dan Helfman 932a722284 Fixed a bug that prevented use of the AltGr key on Polish and other keyboards. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 9d101ff1be Fixed a bug that caused ever-growing notes in Internet Explorer 8. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 6b13cf5bd1 Clarification about IE8. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman a3922fb317 Bumping version and re-adding support for IE 8. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman b907098688 Hopefully today is release day. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman c4b600c3a6 Fixed a Firefox 3.5 bug in which spacing at the top of each note changed when a note was focused. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 9a284e7b76 Fixed an Internet Explorer 8 bug in which the toolbar was positioned incorrectly. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 73ba66ea72 Fixed a Firefox 3.5 bug in which bold mode (or italics mode) would inexplicably end after typing a few characters. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 12719951c9 Fixed a Firefox 3.5 bug in which after ending a link ctrl-L, typed text ended up as part of the link. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman a75e4f48aa No longer charging for Luminotes Desktop or offering subscription signups. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 96456efd76 Fixed a bug in which some printed or exported notes appeared in alphabetical order instead of your chosen ordering. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 1b3e0478ed It's release day! 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 5fd918898d Added a dynamic preview of your current color selections to the color picker. Made the color picker stay open after a color is selected. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 45f2042e48 Fixed a Chrome/Safari bug in which popups such as those for export and color were not positioned correctly if the page was scrolled past the top. Fixed a bug in which certain popups on the left and right side of the page scrolled along with the page instead of staying fixed in place. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 24a3a7425a Bumping version. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman c442f59894 Fixed a bug in which right clicking on a note did not always open the web browser's context menu. Also, can now middle click on a note link to open it in a new window or tab. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman d37422b592 Fixed a bug in Luminotes Desktop in which a backslash within a note was duplicated each time the note was saved. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman e4104adb81 Fixed a bug in which unicode characters in a customer's name prevented PayPal payments from going through properly. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 4e21547da6 Added a toolbar color button for setting text and background colors. Still needs more testing/fixing in IE and WebKit. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 83e20c2c10 Updated Luminotes Server INSTALL file with instructions for setting the http_url configuration setting. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman d0620c1eaa Added a "start a new discussion" link to each discussion forum page. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 8ac4789f4d Release day! 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman d0c5491400 Fixed a Firefox bug in which copying and pasting text between notes inserted line breaks in the pasted text. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 882ccbc808 Fixed a bug in which discussion forum bylines ("Posted by...") were sometimes duplicated several times on a given post. Now bylines are displayed below each post rather than within it. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 2d164ece5a Moved search field up above "notes" heading. Changed "quick link" to "note link". 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman ada0ce8319 Fixed a Firefox bug in which removing some bold text and then typing new text would make the new text bold. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman efaf14c315 Updated with recent developments. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 190a3fa41d Fixed a bug in which toolbar buttons didn't depress based on the current location of the text cursor. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman ab303ea0ac Fixed a bug in which faq/community/etc pages had way too much whitespace. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 7e805c5fe6 Hopefully releasing today. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman d3f2951ca1 Mentioning nginx config file value. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman a9de46c78d Reorganized changelog for released that's currently under development. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 7512ba1159 Added example Apache and nginx config scripts and updated INSTALL doc accordingly. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 503625bdea Fixed a bug in tools/luminotes_debian_initscript that prevented the "stop" command from working properly. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 1d1873d38a Fixing typo. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman c7c8c86b68 It's release day! 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman fe99862dde Luminotes Discussion forums now change the discussion thread link color based on whether there are any new posts since you last visited the thread. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 205adeb904 Added a remove formatting feature to the tools menu. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman bbd0328858 Fixed a bug in which the filename of an exported HTML file was just "export" instead of being based on the notebook name. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 0f21416310 Bumping version. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 1d0de90446 Releasing soon. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman e9414117ce Renamed "options" tab to "tools" tab. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 7def0fe58c You can now print an individual note. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman c262ad7b00 Updated to include name of "print" link. 9 years ago
  Dan Helfman 73325f17fb Unit tests for notebook printing. 9 years ago