Personal wiki notebook (not under development)
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Luminotes is a WYSIWYG personal wiki notebook for organizing your notes and
ideas. For more information, see:

Windows XP / Vista

To start Luminotes Desktop on Windows, just click the Start button, click on
"All Programs", and then click on "Luminotes". Luminotes Desktop runs inside a
browser, so when you launch it, it will open up in a new browser window or

* Windows Security: The first time you start Luminotes, you may see a Windows
Security Alert about blocking Luminotes. This is basically Windows asking you
if you want to allow Luminotes to access the internet. If you click "Keep
Blocking", then that will prevent Luminotes Desktop from accessing the
internet. If you click "Unblock", then Luminotes will be able to use your
internet connection.

Right now, Luminotes does not use the internet at all. However, a future
release will include the optional ability for you to synchronize your notes
with If you plan on using this synchronization fe