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  Dan ff5669d349 Rev version. 1 year ago
  Dan cc963ebce3 Determine service worker script path based on path of main script. 1 year ago
  Dan def02e77a7 Only uglify in production. 1 year ago
  Dan e04f46310d Revving version. 1 year ago
  Dan 9f9f98e8bf Homepage link. 1 year ago
  Dan 34c99b3ef7 Fixing description. 1 year ago
  Dan c25d907dd1 Fixing prod build. 1 year ago
  Dan 4d2d321430 Adding babel back. 1 year ago
  Dan 10fc278f41 Stripping out unneeded npm dependencies. Upgrading webpack. 1 year ago
  Dan 6e51b26c9c Scoping service worker to /ipfs/ so / can contain other pages. 1 year ago
  Dan f6ad1010bc Link to IPFS. 1 year ago
  Dan c79f41ac37 Mentioning same-origin protection. 1 year ago
  Dan 04d2391f26 Make every base hash its own origin, effectively. 1 year ago
  Dan e6fc8a8b13 Fix broken initial page load by excluding our own JavaScript. Also return 404 on error. 1 year ago
  Dan f670087097 Making some sections into sub-sections. 1 year ago
  Dan 9f955d657b Adding how it works section. 1 year ago
  Dan 6bc10e2ef2 To prevent reload loops, return a 404 from the service worker if the URL isn't a valid IPFS URL. 1 year ago
  Dan c8854bcbd2 Mentioning web console. 1 year ago
  Dan e9198c2d02 Some more work on the Motivation section. 1 year ago
  Dan 226c88c9da Adding some additional console logging to the service worker. 1 year ago
  Dan 3940a66c3e No longer a fork. 1 year ago
  Dan 433af16853 Redirect to trailing slash version of page. 1 year ago
  Dan 5624a03168 Upgrade js-ipfs version and add support for 404 pages. 1 year ago
  Dan aba3b8d8b4 After initial registration, trigger a fetch event for the page in the service worker. 1 year ago
  Dan fad1d327f4 Adding missing service worker source file. 1 year ago
  Dan acc7964f0e Service worker for intercepting URLs and loading them from IPFS. 1 year ago
  Dan 9b998a6318 Fix for embedded CSS ">" characters. 1 year ago
  Dan c75b3dc50c Support for even CSS url() rewriting! 1 year ago
  Dan c033769279 Better support for loading HTML pages plus some of their referenced content. 1 year ago
  Dan d66c456cf1 Change page title. 1 year ago
  Dan 785db48136 Fleshing out description + dev usage. 1 year ago
  Dan 87062b178d Rename project and update description. 1 year ago
  Dan 1570918a3f Update to new js-ipfs. 1 year ago
  Dan f522ff61bf Add basic/incomplete README. 1 year ago
  Dan a79b73e112 Got basic IPFS file contents load and rendering working. 1 year ago
  Dan 013f198b74 Initial import. 1 year ago