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## Installation
Start by cloning the project with git. Then install it with Python's `pip`.
Start by cloning the project with git. Then install it with [pipx](https://pypa.github.io/pipx/). Example:
pip3 install /path/to/format-novel
pipx install /path/to/format-novel
## Usage
@ -90,18 +89,9 @@ make sure your changes work.
cd format-novel/
pip3 install --editable --user .
pipx install --editable .
Note that this will typically install the format-novel commands into
`~/.local/bin`, which may or may not be on your PATH. There are other ways to
install format-novel editable as well, for instance into the system Python
install (so without `--user`, as root), or even into a
[virtualenv](https://virtualenv.pypa.io/en/stable/). How or where you install
format-novel is up to you, but generally an editable install makes development
and testing easier.
### Automated tests
Assuming you've cloned the format-novel source code as described above, and
@ -109,7 +99,7 @@ you're in the `format-novel/` working copy, install tox, which is used for
setting up testing environments:
pip3 install --user tox
pipx install tox
Finally, to actually run tests, run: