• Stable 1.5.6 795e18773b

    borgmatic 1.5.6

    witten released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to since this release

    • #292: Allow before_backup and similiar hooks to exit with a soft failure without altering the
      monitoring status on Healthchecks or other providers. Support this by waiting to ping monitoring
      services with a "start" status until after before_* hooks finish. Failures in before_* hooks
      still trigger a monitoring "fail" status.
    • #316: Fix hang when a stale database dump named pipe from an aborted borgmatic run remains on
    • #323: Fix for certain configuration options like ssh_command impacting Borg invocations for
      separate configuration files.
    • #324: Add "borgmatic extract --strip-components" flag to remove leading path components when
      extracting an archive.
    • Tweak comment indentation in generated configuration file for clarity.
    • Link to Borgmacator GNOME AppIndicator from monitoring documentation.