• Stable 1.5.5 adda33dc4e

    borgmatic 1.5.5

    witten released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to since this release

    • #314: Fix regression in support for PostgreSQL's "directory" dump format. Unlike other dump
      formats, the "directory" dump format does not stream directly to/from Borg.
    • #315: Fix enabled database hooks to implicitly set one_file_system configuration option to true.
      This prevents Borg from reading devices like /dev/zero and hanging.
    • #316: Fix hang when streaming a database dump to Borg with implicit duplicate source directories
      by deduplicating them first.
    • #319: Fix error message when there are no MySQL databases to dump for "all" databases.
    • Improve documentation around the installation process. Specifically, making borgmatic commands
      runnable via the system PATH and offering a global install option.