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  Dan Helfman f5e1e8bec9 In continuous integration build matrix, use newer Alpine 3.9 instead of 3.8. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman a291477c19 Fix for hooks executing when using --dry-run (#160). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 1c88dda76a Fix for invalid JSON output when using multiple borgmatic configuration files (#155). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 0b59c22c23 Fix for seemingly random filename ordering when running through a directory of configuration files (#157). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 576377e2b2 Clarify differences between Docker images. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 6ff1867312 Configuration files includes and merging (#148). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 3cb52423d2 Support for Borg create/extract --numeric-owner flag (#147). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 5a5b6491ac Add note about uncommenting section names. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 4272c6b077 List the files within an archive via --list --archive option (#140). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 26071de2e7 Update extraction docs. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman fe92d9e838 Fix restore paths list to tuple conversion. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 5ea2d644a2 Fix error handling when --extract repository guard fails. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman c35f90154f Only guard repository when --extract is used. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 36305c50b1 Update push script to support branches. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 2b3b8eab71 Add archive extract to end-to-end test. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman aa7c7651e5 Fix config repositories consumption. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman c41ffb5ceb If no extract repository is given, then error if there are multiple configured repositories. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 766a03375a Guard that the given repository occurs in config exactly once. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 2a4d4247e3 Tests for extract_archive(). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 9de5083a7e Additional test coverage for extract options in borgmatic command. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman d0557b2bcd Initial work on #123: Support for Borg extract. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 1a980d6321 Organize options within command-line help into logical groups. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman fb21d4e645 Remove dead code. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 5933a4d778 Note tests exclusion in changelog. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 8cf16c7831 Exclude tests from distribution packages. 1 year ago
  Julien Nicoulaud fcf4e03c2f
exclude tests from distribution packages 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman d1b29e82da borgmatic command-line reference. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 290e969a22 Include a sample borgmatic configuration file in the documentation (#119). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 18ae91ea6e Strike some unnecessary words from docs. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 0bce77a2ac Distribute troubleshooting among relevant how-to guides. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 19155607af Include link to development how-to. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman f357c37e2c Fix/remove some documentation links. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 2980c14728 Fix README links on GitHub. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 7e0e00d45d Refactor documentation into multiple separate pages for clarity and findability. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 8b4ac0017b Fix ticket number in changelog. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 8ec1ec527e Bump version for release. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 6096a7181c Leave exclude_patterns glob expansion to Borg, since doing it in borgmatic leads to confusing behavior (#132). 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman fa9dfb8ff7 Remove date echo from schema example, as it's not a substitute for real logging (#127). 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 2dc006aab4 Allow use of --stats flag when --create or --prune flags are implied (#139). 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 031b9d6faf Handle and format validation errors raised during argument parsing (#136). 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman d9018a47f6
Add link to openSUSE packages from README. 2 years ago
  Antonio Larrosa e893a20dfd
Add link to openSUSE packages 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 09d521661f Remove weasel words like "easily" and "simply". 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman fd46efb193 Add borgmatic --version command-line flag to get the current installed version number. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 426f54c9cc When generating sample configuration, document the defaults for each option (#103). 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 45a537b6b1 When running multiple configuration files, attempt all of them even if one errors (#116). 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman d6feca169c Fix duplicate issue number. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 05e2900ab0 Rev version. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 30b52e5523 With --init command-line flag, if a repository already exists, proceed without erroring (#117). 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 14aeddc11f Black re-formatting. 2 years ago