A wrapper script for Borg backup software that creates and prunes backups
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* #160: Fix for hooks executing when using --dry-run. Now hooks are skipped during a dry run.
* #155: Fix for invalid JSON output when using multiple borgmatic configuration files.
* #157: Fix for seemingly random filename ordering when running through a directory of
configuration files.
* Fix for empty JSON output when using --create --json.
* Now capturing Borg output only when --json flag is used. Previously, borgmatic delayed Borg
output even without the --json flag.
* #148: Configuration file includes and merging via "!include" tag to support reuse of common
options across configuration files.
* #147: Support for Borg create/extract --numeric-owner flag via "numeric_owner" option in
borgmatic's location section.
* #140: List the files within an archive via --list --archive option.
* #119: Include a sample borgmatic configuration file in the documentation.
* #123: Support for Borg archive restoration via borgmatic --extract command-line flag.
* Refactor documentation into multiple separate pages for clarity and findability.
* Organize options within command-line help into logical groups.
* Exclude tests from distribution packages.
* #127: Remove date echo from schema example, as it's not a substitute for real logging.
* #132: Leave exclude_patterns glob expansion to Borg, since doing it in borgmatic leads to
confusing behavior.
* #136: Handle and format validation errors raised during argument parsing.
* #138: Allow use of --stats flag when --create or --prune flags are implied.
* #103: When generating sample configuration with generate-borgmatic-config, document the defaults
for each option.
* #116: When running multiple configuration files, attempt all configuration files even if one of
them errors. Log a summary of results at the end.
* Add borgmatic --version command-line flag to get the current installed version number.
4 years ago
* #100: Support for --stats command-line flag independent of --verbosity.
4 years ago
* #117: With borgmatic --init command-line flag, proceed without erroring if a repository already
* #110: Support for Borg repository initialization via borgmatic --init command-line flag.
* #111: Update Borg create --filter values so a dry run lists files to back up.
* #113: Update README with link to a new/forked Docker image.
* Prevent deprecated --excludes command-line option from being used.
* Refactor README a bit to flow better for first-time users.
* Update README with a few additional borgmatic packages (Debian and Ubuntu).
* #108: Support for Borg create --progress via borgmatic command-line flag.
* #105: Support for Borg --chunker-params create option via "chunker_params" option in borgmatic's
storage section.
* #102: Fix for syntax error that occurred in Python 3.5 and below.
* Make automated tests support running in Python 3.5.
4 years ago
* #73: Enable consistency checks for only certain repositories via "check_repositories" option in
borgmatic's consistency configuration. Handy for large repositories that take forever to check.
* Include link to issue tracker within various command output.
* Run continuous integration tests on a matrix of Python and Borg versions.
* #98: Support for Borg --keep-secondly prune option.
* Use Black code formatter and Flake8 code checker as part of running automated tests.
* Add an end-to-end automated test that actually integrates with Borg.
4 years ago
* Set up continuous integration for borgmatic automated tests on projects.evoworx.org.
* Fix generated configuration to also include a "keep_daily" value so pruning works out of the
* #57: When generating sample configuration with generate-borgmatic-config, comment out all
optional configuration so as to streamline the initial configuration process.
* Fix for archive checking traceback due to parameter mismatch.
* #64, #90, #92: Rewrite of logging system. Now verbosity flags passed to Borg are derived from
borgmatic's log level. Note that the output of borgmatic might slightly change.
* Part of #80: Support for Borg create --read-special via "read_special" option in borgmatic's
location configuration.
* #87: Support for Borg create --checkpoint-interval via "checkpoint_interval" option in
borgmatic's storage configuration.
* #88: Fix declared pykwalify compatibility version range in setup.py to prevent use of ancient
versions of pykwalify with large version numbers.
* #89: Pass --show-rc option to Borg when at highest verbosity level.
* #94: Support for Borg --json option via borgmatic command-line to --create archives.
* #85: Fix compatibility issue between pykwalify and ruamel.yaml 0.15.52, which manifested in
borgmatic as a pykwalify RuleError.
4 years ago
* Skip before/after backup hooks when only doing --prune, --check, --list, and/or --info.
* #71: Support for XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable for specifying alternate user ~/.config/
* #74, #83: Support for Borg --json option via borgmatic command-line to --list archives or show
archive --info in JSON format, ideal for programmatic consumption.
* #38, #76: Upgrade ruamel.yaml compatibility version range and fix support for Python 3.7.
* #77: Skip non-"*.yaml" config filenames in /etc/borgmatic.d/ so as not to parse backup files,
editor swap files, etc.
* #81: Document user-defined hooks run before/after backup, or on error.
* Add code style guidelines to the documention.
* #61: Support for Borg --list option via borgmatic command-line to list all archives.
* #61: Support for Borg --info option via borgmatic command-line to display summary information.
* #62: Update README to mention other ways of installing borgmatic.
* Support for Borg --prefix option for consistency checks via "prefix" option in borgmatic's
consistency configuration.
* Add introductory screencast link to documentation.
* #59: Ignore "check_last" and consistency "prefix" when "archives" not in consistency checks.
* #60: Add "Persistent" flag to systemd timer example.
* #63: Support for Borg --nobsdflags option to skip recording bsdflags (e.g. NODUMP, IMMUTABLE) in
* #69: Support for Borg prune --umask option using value of existing "umask" option in borgmatic's
storage configuration.
* Update tox.ini to only assume Python 3.x instead of Python 3.4 specifically.
* Add ~/.config/borgmatic/config.yaml to default configuration path probing.
* Document how to develop on and contribute to borgmatic.
* Support for Borg BORG_PASSCOMMAND environment variable to read a password from an external file.
* Fix for Borg create error when using borgmatic's --dry-run and --verbosity options together.
Work-around for behavior introduced in Borg 1.1.3: https://github.com/borgbackup/borg/issues/3298
* #55: Fix for missing tags/releases on Gitea and GitHub project hosting.
* #56: Support for Borg --lock-wait option for the maximum wait for a repository/cache lock.
* #58: Support for using tilde in exclude_patterns to reference home directory.
* #49: Fix for typo in --patterns-from option.
* #47: Support for Borg --dry-run option via borgmatic command-line.
* #54: Fix for incorrect consistency check flags passed to Borg when all three checks ("repository",
"archives", and "extract") are specified in borgmatic configuration.
* #48: Add "local_path" to configuration for specifying an alternative Borg executable path.
* #49: Support for Borg experimental --patterns-from and --patterns options for specifying mixed
* Moved issue tracker from Taiga to integrated Gitea tracker at
* #46: Declare dependency on pykwalify 1.6 or above, as older versions yield "Unknown key: version"
rule errors.
* Support for Borg --keep-minutely prune option.
* #26: Add "ssh_command" to configuration for specifying a custom SSH command or options.
* Fix for incorrect /etc/borgmatic.d/ configuration path probing on macOS. This problem manifested
as an error on startup: "[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/borgmatic.d'".
5 years ago
* Pass several Unix signals through to child processes like Borg. This means that Borg now properly
shuts down if borgmatic is terminated (e.g. due to a system suspend).
* #30: Support for using tilde in repository paths to reference home directory.
* #43: Support for Borg --files-cache option for setting the files cache operation mode.
* #45: Support for Borg --remote-ratelimit option for limiting upload rate.
* Log invoked Borg commands when at highest verbosity level.
* #17, #39: Support for user-defined hooks before/after backup, or on error.
* #34: Improve clarity of logging spew at high verbosity levels.
* #30: Support for using tilde in source directory path to reference home directory.
* Require "prefix" in retention section when "archive_name_format" is set. This is to avoid
accidental pruning of archives with a different archive name format. For similar reasons, default
"prefix" to "{hostname}-" if not specified.
* Convert main source repository from Mercurial to Git.
* Update dead links to Borg documentation.
* #40: Fix to make /etc/borgmatic/config.yaml optional rather than required when using the default
config paths.
* #29: Add "archive_name_format" to configuration for customizing archive names.
* Fix for traceback when "exclude_from" value is empty in configuration file.
* When pruning, make highest verbosity level list archives kept and pruned.
* Clarification of Python 3 pip usage in documentation.
* #13, #36: Support for Borg --exclude-from, --exclude-caches, and --exclude-if-present options.
* #35: New "extract" consistency check that performs a dry-run extraction of the most recent
* #18: Added command-line flags for performing a borgmatic run with only pruning, creating, or
checking enabled. This supports use cases like running consistency checks from a different cron
job with a different frequency, or running pruning with a different verbosity level.
5 years ago
* #15: Support for running multiple config files in /etc/borgmatic.d/ from a single borgmatic run.
* Fix for generate-borgmatic-config writing config with invalid one_file_system value.
* #33: Fix for passing check_last as integer to subprocess when calling Borg.
* Part of #33: Fix for upgrade-borgmatic-config converting check_last option as a string instead of
an integer.
* Fix for upgrade-borgmatic-config erroring when consistency checks option is not present.
* Switched config file format to YAML. Run upgrade-borgmatic-config to upgrade.
* Added generate-borgmatic-config command for initial config creation.
* Dropped Python 2 support. Now Python 3 only.
* #19: Fix for README mention of sample files not included in package.
* #23: Sample files for triggering borgmatic from a systemd timer.
* Support for backing up to multiple repositories.
* To free up space, now pruning backups prior to creating a new backup.
* Enabled test coverage output during tox runs.
* Added logo.
* #22: Fix for verbosity flag not actually causing verbose output.
* #21: Fix for traceback when remote_path option is missing.
* #20: Support for Borg's --remote-path option to use an alternate Borg
executable. See sample/config.
* Attic is no longer supported, as there hasn't been any recent development on
it. Dropping Attic support will allow faster iteration on Borg-specific
features. If you're still using Attic, this is a good time to switch to Borg!
* Project renamed from atticmatic to borgmatic. See the borgmatic README for
information on upgrading.
* Fix for handling of spaces in source_directories which resulted in backup up everything.
* Fix for broken links to Borg documentation.
* At verbosity zero, suppressing Borg check stderr spew about "Checking segments".
* Support for Borg --one-file-system.
* Support for Borg create --umask.
* Support for file globs in source_directories.
7 years ago
* #12: Fixed parsing of punctuation in configuration file.
* Better error message when configuration file is missing.
* #10: New configuration option for the encryption passphrase.
* #11: Support for Borg's new archive compression feature.
* Changes to support release on PyPI. Now pip installable by name!
* Adding test that setup.py version matches release version.
* #2: Add support for "borg check --last N" to Borg backend.
* As a convenience to new users, allow a missing default excludes file.
* New issue tracker, linked from documentation.
* Adding borgmatic cron example, and updating documentation to refer to it.
* New "borgmatic" command to support Borg backup software, a fork of Attic.
* Flag for multiple levels of verbosity: some, and lots.
* Improved mocking of Python builtins in unit tests.
* New configuration section for customizing which Attic consistency checks run, if any.
* Fixed regression with --verbose output being buffered. This means dropping the helpful error
message introduced in 0.0.4.
8 years ago
* Now using tox to run tests against multiple versions of Python in one go.
* Helpful error message about how to create a repository if one is missing.
* Troubleshooting section with steps to deal with broken pipes.
* Nosetests config file (setup.cfg) with defaults.
* After pruning, run attic's consistency checks on all archives.
* Integration tests for argument parsing.
* Documentation updates about repository encryption.
* Configuration support for additional attic prune flags: keep_within, keep_hourly, keep_yearly,
and prefix.
* Initial release.