1079 Commits (master)

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  Dan Helfman f5ebca4907 Add SSL support to PostgreSQL database configuration (#331). 7 months ago
  Edward Shornock 01db676d68 Change the example for the ssl_mode parameter 7 months ago
  Edward Shornock d2d92b1f1a Add tests for the PostgreSQL SSL options 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 27cbe9dfc0 Fix for potential data loss (data not getting backed up) when borgmatic omitted configured source directories in certain situations (#333). 7 months ago
  Edward Shornock 8fb830099f Re-add the ilbpq-ssl documentation URL to the schema 7 months ago
  Edward Shornock 463a133a63 Ensure schema lines are less than 80 characters in length 7 months ago
  Edward Shornock a16fed8887 Rename PostgreSQL SSL config variables 7 months ago
  Edward Shornock 33113890f5 Reduce duplication with a common function 7 months ago
  Edward Shornock abd47fc14e Add SSL support to PostgreSQL hooks 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 7fb4061759 Improve configuration reference documentation readability via more aggressive word-wrapping in configuration schema descriptions. 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman b320e74ad5 Update documentation code fragments theme to better match the rest of the page. 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 0ed8f67b9d Documentation feedback: Clarify that a Borg manual install is required, separate from installing borgmatic. 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 795e18773b Bump version for release. 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman aa14449857 Add "borgmatic extract --strip-components" flag to remove leading path components when extracting an archive (#324). 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman ed7b1cd3d7 Add some no-cover pragmas on functions that don't need tests. 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman a155eefa23 Fix for certain configuration options like ssh_command impacting Borg invocations for separate configuration files (#323). 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 398665be9e Allow before_backup and similiar hooks to exit with a soft failure without altering the monitoring status (#292). 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 6db232d4ac Link to Borgmacator GNOME AppIndicator from monitoring documentation. 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman d7277893fb Fix hang when a stale database dump named pipe from an aborted borgmatic run remains on disk (#316). 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman 00033bf0a8 Tweak comment indentation in generated configuration file for clarity. 7 months ago
  Dan Helfman adda33dc4e Bump version for release. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 097a09578a Fix enabled database hooks to implicitly set one_file_system configuration option to true to prevent Borg hang. (#315). 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 65472c8de2 Fix error message when there are no MySQL databases to dump for "all" databases (#319). 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 602ad9e7ee Add note about indirect dbus dependency. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 96df52ec50 Fix hang when streaming a database dump to Borg with implicit duplicate source directories by deduplicating them first (#316). 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 244dc35bae Global install documentation. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman d9c9d7d2ee Improve documentation around the installation process. Specifically, making borgmatic commands runnable via the system PATH. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 89cb5eb76d Fix regression in support for PostgreSQL's "directory" dump format (#314). 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 6d3802335e Adding docs note about upgrading to get --files flag. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman c1d6232b79 Fix documentation to mention new "--files" flag. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 048a9ebb52 Add an additional end-to-end database test. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman de478f6ff7 Clarify wording in changelog. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 3e5a19d95a Add missing test coverage. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 2ddf38f99c Fix error handling when executing commands to handle more edge cases. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman d88f321cef Fix legitimate database dump command errors (exit code 1) not being treated as errors by borgmatic (#310). 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 74adac6c70 Bump version for release. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 15ea70a71b Flesh out missing test coverage for execute.py. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 8b91c01a4c Add some missing test coverage. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 3bcef72050 Add some missing test mocks that were masking lack of unit coverage. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 695c764a01 Merge log output functions into one. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman f7c93ea2e8 Wait for process to finish before trying to check exit status. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 1ea047dd94 Remove "borgmatic restore --progress" flag, as it now conflicts with streaming database restores. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 4b523f9e2c Make database restore output only show at verbosity 2. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 6a61070d85 Use shell redirection rather than the --file flag to sidestep synchronization issues when pg_dump/pg_dumpall tries to write to a named pipe. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman f36082938e Additional test coverage. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 1ba996ad93 Additional test coverage. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman a23fdf946d Stream database dumps and restores directly to/from Borg without using any additional filesystem space (#258). 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman 12cf6913ef Remove unused function parameter. 8 months ago
  Dan Helfman a4eef383c3 Spell out repository consistency check options in more detail. 9 months ago
  Dan Helfman ac124612ad Documentation on macOS launchd permissions issues with work-around for Full Disk Access (#293). 9 months ago