Simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations
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envlist = py35,py36,py37
skip_missing_interpreters = True
skipsdist = True
minversion = 3.10.0
usedevelop = True
deps = -rtest_requirements.txt
whitelist_externals =
install_command =
sh scripts/pip {opts} {packages}
commands_pre =
find {toxinidir} -type f -not -path '{toxinidir}/.tox/*' -path '*/__pycache__/*' -name '*.py[c|o]' -delete
commands =
pytest {posargs}
py36,py37: black --check .
isort --recursive --check-only --settings-path setup.cfg .
flake8 borgmatic tests
basepython = python3.7
commands =
black {posargs} .
commands =
pytest {posargs}
deps = -rtest_requirements.txt
commands =
pytest {posargs} --no-cov tests/end-to-end
deps = {[testenv]deps}
commands =
isort {posargs:--recursive} --settings-path setup.cfg .