Update sample systemd file to allow system idle (#589).

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Dan Helfman 2022-10-05 10:20:25 -07:00
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* #357: Add "break-lock" action for removing any repository and cache locks leftover from Borg
* #587: When the "read_special" option is true or database hooks are enabled, auto-exclude special
files for a "create" action to prevent Borg from hanging.
files from a "create" action to prevent Borg from hanging.
* #587: Warn when ignoring a configured "read_special" value of false, as true is needed when
database hooks are enabled.
* #589: Update sample systemd service file to allow system "idle" (monitor turning off) while
borgmatic is running.
* #590: Fix for potential data loss (data not getting backed up) when the "patterns_from" option
was used with "source_directories" (or the "~/.borgmatic" path existed, which got injected into
"source_directories" implicitly). The fix is for borgmatic to convert "source_directories" into