Update documentation to mention using blake2 with "transfer" action.

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@ -160,17 +160,22 @@ Then, run the `rcreate` action (formerly `init`) to create that new Borg 2
borgmatic rcreate --verbosity 1 --encryption repokey-aes-ocb \
borgmatic rcreate --verbosity 1 --encryption repokey-blake2-aes-ocb \
--source-repository original.borg --repository upgraded.borg
(Note that `repokey-chacha20-poly1305` may be faster than `repokey-aes-ocb` on
certain platforms like ARM64.)
This creates an empty repository and doesn't actually transfer any data yet.
The `--source-repository` flag is necessary to reuse key material from your
Borg 1 repository so that the subsequent data transfer can work.
The `--encryption` value above selects the same chunk ID algorithm (`blake2`)
used in Borg 1, thereby making deduplication work across transferred archives
and new archives. Note that `repokey-blake2-chacha20-poly1305` may be faster
than `repokey-blake2-aes-ocb` on certain platforms like ARM64. Read about
[Borg encryption
for the menu of available encryption modes.
To transfer data from your original Borg 1 repository to your newly created
Borg 2 repository:
@ -191,7 +196,7 @@ confirmation of success—or tells you if something hasn't been transferred yet.
Note that by omitting the `--upgrader` flag, you can also do archive transfers
between Borg 2 repositories without upgrading, even down to individual
archives. For more on that functionality, see the [Borg transfer
That's it! Now you can use your new Borg 2 repository as normal with
borgmatic. If you've got multiple repositories, repeat the above process for