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  Dan Helfman 18fbc75e16 Revising history to account for off-by-one error when importing issue numbers into Gitea. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 0881da4a82 New issue tracker. 2 years ago
  Dan fa210766a2 Update for release. 2 years ago
  Dan d4f52e3137 Update AUTHORS with recent changes + sort. 2 years ago
  Dan 8b2ebdc5f7 Simplifying example. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman a00407256d Merge branch 'keep_minutely' of thomasleveil/borgmatic into master 2 years ago
  Thomas LÉVEIL 24b5eccefc add support for Borg `--keep-minutely` prune option 2 years ago
  Dan 815fb39a05 Declare dependency on pykwalify 1.6 or above, as older versions yield "Unknown key: version" rule errors. 2 years ago
  Dan 24c196d2a4 Script to find unsupported Borg options in borgmatic, to assist with #13. 3 years ago
  Dan 3e26e70d0c Fix for incorrect /etc/borgmatic.d/ configuration path probing on macOS. 3 years ago
  Dan 5ce25e2790 Re-fixing logo image. 3 years ago
  Dan 8243552c8c Fixing PNG path. 3 years ago
  Dan 425e27dee5 Add "ssh_command" to configuration for specifying a custom SSH command or options. 3 years ago
  Dan 9ec9269a18 Link to repository encryption section of Borg Quick Start. 3 years ago
  Dan bf5cbd1deb Mentioning use of BORG_PASSPHRASE environment variable. 3 years ago
  Dan 4c09cbf1a4 Releasing. 3 years ago
  Dan fc077af4ce Mentioning borgmatic --config option in docs. 3 years ago
  Dan ca4312bb85 Support for Borg --remote-ratelimit for limiting upload rate. And log Borg commands. 3 years ago
  Dan fc3b1fccba Support for Borg --files-cache option for setting the files cache operation mode. 3 years ago
  Dan f83346b9b3 Support for using tilde in repository paths to reference home directory. 3 years ago
  Dan 63c7241aec Typo in comment. 3 years ago
  Dan fd77dc579e Pass through several more Unix signals that Borg happens to consume. 3 years ago
  Dan f017ed648f Disabling code coverage on this one-line functions. 3 years ago
  Dan 27a6745743 Passing the Unix SIGTERM signal through to child processes like Borg. 3 years ago
  Dan 95be0c8e46 Removing broken download URL. 3 years ago
  Dan 17a774ba7e Removing .hg* files. 3 years ago
  Dan a1d2bd173b Bumping version for release. 3 years ago
  Dan f495550ad7 Default "prefix" to "{hostname}-" if not specified. 3 years ago
  Dan 43d0e597a2 Require "prefix" in retention section when "archive_name_format" is set. 3 years ago
  Dan f1c07b5cf5 Updated dead links to Borg documentation. 3 years ago
  Dan f2782426d5 Comment typo. 3 years ago
  Dan f13ed92b0e Breaking borgmatic command main() apart, since it was getting a little unwieldy. 3 years ago
  Dan 6e9e7c45d7 Being explicit about markdown syntax highlighting in README. 3 years ago
  Dan c1ca4b9421 Using absolute path for logo. 3 years ago
  Dan 469feadbc0 Adding missing PNG logo. 3 years ago
  Dan a5403a4373 Switched logo from SVG to PNG for compatibility reasons. 3 years ago
  Dan 56c902258d Setting up download URL for new hosting location. 3 years ago
  Dan 9c1660f467 Fix typo in README. 3 years ago
  Dan dd926b5762 Updating links. 3 years ago
  Dan 9d03351b5d Converted main source repository from Mercurial to Git. 3 years ago
  Dan 719d9a9835 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:witten/borgmatic 3 years ago
  Dan 731c8c9ad9 Adding push and release scripts. 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman 2ae8ac2947 Add tests for verbosity mapping. 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman cc94e5f52f Add tests for verbosity mapping. 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman a09c9f248e Adding logging to hook execution! 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman 16f0a3976c Adding logging to hook execution! 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman cc78223164 Fixing inconsistent indentation. 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman 30f56235c1 Fixing inconsistent indentation. 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman 7458769cb3 Merge. 3 years ago
  Dan Helfman a5aa9355f5 Merge. 3 years ago