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Script to find unsupported Borg options in borgmatic, to assist with #13.

Dan 2 years ago
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# For each Borg sub-command that borgmatic uses, print out the Borg flags that borgmatic does not
# appear to support yet. This script isn't terribly robust. It's intended as a basic tool to ferret
# out unsupported Borg options so that they can be considered for addition to borgmatic.

# Generate a sample borgmatic configuration with all options set.
generate-borgmatic-config --destination temp.yaml

# For each sub-command (prune, create, and check), collect the Borg command-line flags that result
# from running borgmatic with the generated configuration. Then, collect the full set of available
# Borg flags as reported by "borg --help" for that sub-command. Finally, compare the two lists of
# flags to determine which Borg flags borgmatic doesn't yet support.
for sub_command in prune create check; do
echo "********** borg $sub_command **********"

for line in $(borgmatic --config temp.yaml --$sub_command -v 2 2>&1 | grep "borg $sub_command") ; do
echo "$line" | grep '^-' >> borgmatic_borg_flags
sort borgmatic_borg_flags > borgmatic_borg_flags.sorted
mv borgmatic_borg_flags.sorted borgmatic_borg_flags

for line in $(borg $sub_command --help | awk -v RS= '/^usage:/') ; do
# Exclude a bunch of flags that borgmatic actually supports, but don't get exercised by the
# generated sample config, and also flags that don't make sense to support.
echo "$line" | grep -- -- | sed -r 's/(\[|\])//g' \
| grep -v '^-h$' \
| grep -v '^--archives-only$' \
| grep -v '^--repository-only$' \
| grep -v '^--stats$' \
| grep -v '^--list$' \
| grep -v '^--critical$' \
| grep -v '^--error$' \
| grep -v '^--warning$' \
| grep -v '^--info$' \
| grep -v '^--debug$' \
>> all_borg_flags
sort all_borg_flags > all_borg_flags.sorted
mv all_borg_flags.sorted all_borg_flags

comm -13 borgmatic_borg_flags all_borg_flags

rm ./*_borg_flags

rm temp.yaml