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Simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations

Updated 2 hours ago

Send wake-on-LAN packets on behalf of other containers.

Updated 4 weeks ago

Linux: How to set up desktop notifications from borgmatic to an arbitrary user, when borgmatic is automatically run from a systemd timer.

Updated 2 years ago

Ansible and Docker Compose provisioning for infrastructure.

Updated 2 days ago

Container for a private MediaGoblin image/video sharing server.

Updated 4 weeks ago

A screenless music player for kids. Play particular songs or internet radio stations by typing numbers.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Format novel documents in a standard style for sharing and submission.

Updated 1 month ago

Personal wiki notebook (not under development)

Updated 5 years ago

Produce word count statistics for novels written in Markdown format.

Updated 1 year ago

Intergalactic is a client-side gateway to the IPFS distributed web.

Updated 5 years ago

Script to import exported Taiga issues into a Gitea project.

Updated 5 years ago