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S├ębastien MB b63c854509 Fix escaped environment variable in configuration
- when an env variable is escaped in the configuration file, we expect
  not to resolve it and remove the escape char `\`
9 months ago
borg Fix None find paths (#541). 10 months ago
commands Code style, rename command-line flag, and move new code into its own file (#546) 9 months ago
config Fix escaped environment variable in configuration 9 months ago
hooks add a hook for sending push notifications via 10 months ago Dropping support for Attic. 7 years ago Fix traceback that can occur when dumping a database (#440). 2 years ago Add test for #407: Fix syslog logging on FreeBSD. 2 years ago Fix handling of TERM signal to exit borgmatic, not just forward the signal to Borg (#516). 12 months ago new verbosity level "-1" for errors 3 years ago