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This is a simple python script that compiles a novel written in markdown into a Microsoft Word .docx file.

Dependencies: docxtpl, markdown, MarkdownPP, novel_stats. The first three can be installed using pip, and the last one is available at




Currently the only formatting supported is italics and bold (* and **).

A sample format is included in the distribution.

Supported arguments

  • -o [output.docx] or --output [output.docx] - the file to which the formatted novel is to be written
  • -t [template.docx] or --template [template.docx] - provide a template file
  • -s [settings.json] or --settings [settings.json] - provide a file with information to be filled into the template
  • -pp - use a preprocessor to enable multi-file novels
  • [markdown_file] - name of the novel source file