A wrapper script for Borg backup software that creates and prunes backups
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It's your data. Keep it that way.

borgmatic logo

borgmatic is simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations. Protect your files with client-side encryption. Backup your databases too. Monitor it all with integrated third-party services.

Here's an example configuration file:

    # List of source directories to backup.
        - /home
        - /etc

    # Paths of local or remote repositories to backup to.
        - 1234@usw-s001.rsync.net:backups.borg
        - k8pDxu32@k8pDxu32.repo.borgbase.com:repo
        - /var/lib/backups/local.borg

    # Retention policy for how many backups to keep.
    keep_daily: 7
    keep_weekly: 4
    keep_monthly: 6

    # List of checks to run to validate your backups.
        - repository
        - archives

    # Custom preparation scripts to run.
        - prepare-for-backup.sh

    # Databases to dump and include in backups.
        - name: users

    # Third-party services to notify you if backups aren't happening.
    healthchecks: https://hc-ping.com/be067061-cf96-4412-8eae-62b0c50d6a8c

Want to see borgmatic in action? Check out the screencast.

borgmatic is powered by Borg Backup.


PostgreSQL      MySQL      MariaDB      Healthchecks      Cronitor      Cronhub      PagerDuty      rsync.net      BorgBase     

Getting started

Your first step is to install and configure borgmatic.

For additional documentation, check out the links above for borgmatic how-to and reference guides.

Hosting providers

Need somewhere to store your encrypted offsite backups? The following hosting providers include specific support for Borg/borgmatic. Using these links and services helps support borgmatic development and hosting. (These are referral links, but without any tracking scripts or cookies.)

  • rsync.net: Cloud Storage provider with full support for borg and any other SSH/SFTP tool
  • BorgBase: Borg hosting service with support for monitoring, 2FA, and append-only repos

Support and contributing


You've got issues? Or an idea for a feature enhancement? We've got an issue tracker. In order to create a new issue or comment on an issue, you'll need to login first. Note that you can login with an existing GitHub account if you prefer.

If you'd like to chat with borgmatic developers or users, head on over to the #borgmatic IRC channel on Freenode, either via web chat or a native IRC client.

Also see the security policy for any security issues.

Other questions or comments? Contact witten@torsion.org.


borgmatic is hosted at https://torsion.org/borgmatic with source code available, and is also mirrored on GitHub for convenience.

borgmatic is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or any later version.

If you'd like to contribute to borgmatic development, please feel free to submit a Pull Request or open an issue first to discuss your idea. We also accept Pull Requests on GitHub, if that's more your thing. In general, contributions are very welcome. We don't bite!

Also, please check out the borgmatic development how-to for info on cloning source code, running tests, etc.

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