Simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations
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cadamswaite 89baf757cf Sort imports 3 months ago
borg Run arbitrary Borg commands with new "borgmatic borg" action (#425). 4 months ago
commands Sort imports 3 months ago
config Change default retries to 0 3 months ago
hooks Fix traceback when a database hook value is null in a configuration file (#355). 1 year ago Dropping support for Attic. 5 years ago Fix error handling to error loudly when Borg gets killed due to running out of memory (#423)! 5 months ago Add test for #407: Fix syslog logging on FreeBSD. 4 months ago Fix signal forwarding from borgmatic to Borg resulting in recursion traceback (#368). 11 months ago new verbosity level "-1" for errors 2 years ago