Simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations
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Dan Helfman 07222cd984 Fix visibility of "borgmatic prune --stats" output (#219). 2 years ago
borg Fix visibility of "borgmatic prune --stats" output (#219). 2 years ago
commands Fix error with "borgmatic check --only" command-line flag with "extract" consistency check (#217). 2 years ago
config Disable console color via "color" option in borgmatic configuration output section (#191). 2 years ago Move tests to the root of the repository, in keeping with more common convention. 3 years ago Revert "Fix for spurious Borg traceback when initializing a repository in an empty directory (#201)." 2 years ago Set umask used when executing hooks via "umask" option in borgmatic hooks section (#189). 2 years ago Only log to syslog when run from a non-interactive console (e.g. a cron job). Related to #197. 2 years ago Support for Borg repository initialization via borgmatic --init command-line flag (#110). 3 years ago