Simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations
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import logging
from borgmatic.execute import execute_command
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def _make_prune_flags(retention_config):
Given a retention config dict mapping from option name to value, tranform it into an iterable of
command-line name-value flag pairs.
For example, given a retention config of:
{'keep_weekly': 4, 'keep_monthly': 6}
This will be returned as an iterable of:
('--keep-weekly', '4'),
('--keep-monthly', '6'),
config = retention_config.copy()
if 'prefix' not in config:
config['prefix'] = '{hostname}-'
elif not config['prefix']:
return (
('--' + option_name.replace('_', '-'), str(value)) for option_name, value in config.items()
def prune_archives(
Given dry-run flag, a local or remote repository path, a storage config dict, and a
retention config dict, prune Borg archives according to the retention policy specified in that
umask = storage_config.get('umask', None)
lock_wait = storage_config.get('lock_wait', None)
full_command = (
(local_path, 'prune')
+ tuple(element for pair in _make_prune_flags(retention_config) for element in pair)
+ (('--remote-path', remote_path) if remote_path else ())
+ (('--umask', str(umask)) if umask else ())
+ (('--lock-wait', str(lock_wait)) if lock_wait else ())
+ (('--stats',) if not dry_run and logger.isEnabledFor(logging.INFO) else ())
+ (('--info',) if logger.getEffectiveLevel() == logging.INFO else ())
+ (('--debug', '--list', '--show-rc') if logger.isEnabledFor(logging.DEBUG) else ())
+ (('--dry-run',) if dry_run else ())
+ (('--stats',) if stats else ())
+ (repository,)
execute_command(full_command, output_log_level=logging.WARNING if stats else logging.INFO)