• 1.8.10 163c37d77f

    witten released this 2024-04-16 17:43:35 +00:00 | 4 commits to main since this release

  • 1.8.9 8c301ba688

    witten released this 2024-03-11 20:27:08 +00:00 | 23 commits to main since this release

    • #311: Add custom dump/restore command options for MySQL and MariaDB.
    • #811: Add an "access_token" option to the ntfy monitoring hook for authenticating
      without username/password.
    • #827: When the "--json" flag is given, suppress console escape codes so as not to
      interfere with JSON output.
    • #829: Fix "--override" values containing deprecated section headers not actually overriding
      configuration options under deprecated section headers.
    • #835: Add support for the NO_COLOR environment variable. See the documentation for more
    • #839: Add log sending for the Apprise logging hook, enabled by default. See the documentation for
      more information:
    • #839: Document a potentially breaking shell quoting edge case within error hooks:
    • #840: When running the "rcreate" action and the repository already exists but with a different
      encryption mode than requested, error.
    • Switch from Drone to Gitea Actions for continuous integration.
    • Rename scripts/run-end-to-end-dev-tests to scripts/run-end-to-end-tests and use it in both dev
      and CI for better dev-CI parity.
    • Clarify documentation about restoring a database: borgmatic does not create the database upon
  • 1.8.8 6fa5dff79b

    witten released this 2024-01-31 18:53:32 +00:00 | 69 commits to main since this release

    • #370: For the PostgreSQL hook, pass the "PGSSLMODE" environment variable through to Borg when the
      database's configuration omits the "ssl_mode" option.
    • #818: Allow the "--repository" flag to match across multiple configuration files.
    • #820: Fix broken repository detection in the "rcreate" action with Borg 1.4. The issue did not
      occur with other versions of Borg.
    • #822: Fix broken escaping logic in the PostgreSQL hook's "pg_dump_command" option.
    • SECURITY: Prevent additional shell injection attacks within the PostgreSQL hook.
  • 1.8.7 f9998b50e8

    witten released this 2024-01-21 22:47:21 +00:00 | 74 commits to main since this release

    • #736: Store included configuration files within each backup archive in support of the "config
      bootstrap" action. Previously, only top-level configuration files were stored.
    • #798: Elevate specific Borg warnings to errors or squash errors to
    • warnings. See the documentation for more information:
    • #810: SECURITY: Prevent shell injection attacks within the PostgreSQL hook, the MongoDB hook, the
      SQLite hook, the "borgmatic borg" action, and command hook variable/constant interpolation.
    • #814: Fix a traceback when providing an invalid "--override" value for a list option.
  • 1.8.6 ca49109ce7

    witten released this 2024-01-03 18:08:05 +00:00 | 81 commits to main since this release

    • #767: Add an "--ssh-command" flag to the "config bootstrap" action for setting a custom SSH
      command, as no configuration is available (including the "ssh_command" option) until
      bootstrapping completes.
    • #794: Fix a traceback when the "repositories" option contains both strings and key/value pairs.
    • #800: Add configured repository labels to the JSON output for all actions.
    • #802: The "check --force" flag now runs checks even if "check" is in "skip_actions".
    • #804: Validate the configured action names in the "skip_actions" option.
    • #807: Stream SQLite databases directly to Borg instead of dumping to an intermediate file.
    • When logging commands that borgmatic executes, log the environment variables that
      borgmatic sets for those commands. (But don't log their values, since they often contain
  • 1.8.5 fdb353d358

    witten released this 2023-11-20 05:14:56 +00:00 | 99 commits to main since this release

    • #701: Add a "skip_actions" option to skip running particular actions, handy for append-only or
      checkless configurations. See the documentation for more information:
    • #701: Deprecate the "disabled" value for the "checks" option in favor of the new "skip_actions"
    • #745: Constants now apply to included configuration, not just the file doing the includes. As a
      side effect of this change, constants no longer apply to option names and only substitute into
      configuration values.
    • #779: Add a "--match-archives" flag to the "check" action for selecting the archives to check,
      overriding the existing "archive_name_format" and "match_archives" options in configuration.
    • #779: Only parse "--override" values as complex data types when they're for options of those
    • #782: Fix environment variable interpolation within configured repository paths.
    • #782: Add configuration constant overriding via the existing "--override" flag.
    • #783: Upgrade ruamel.yaml dependency to support version 0.18.x.
    • #784: Drop support for Python 3.7, which has been end-of-lifed.
  • 1.8.4 a0323d9d6c

    witten released this 2023-10-27 05:20:26 +00:00 | 124 commits to main since this release

    • #715: Add a monitoring hook for sending backup status to a variety of monitoring services via the
      Apprise library. See the documentation for more information:
    • #748: When an archive filter causes no matching archives for the "rlist" or "info"
      actions, warn the user and suggest how to remove the filter.
    • #768: Fix a traceback when an invalid command-line flag or action is used.
    • #771: Fix normalization of deprecated sections ("location:", "storage:", "hooks:", etc.) to
      support empty sections without erroring.
    • #774: Disallow the "--dry-run" flag with the "borg" action, as borgmatic can't guarantee the Borg
      command won't have side effects.
  • 1.8.3 cacb81f086

    witten released this 2023-09-30 20:37:10 +00:00 | 156 commits to main since this release

    • #665: BREAKING: Simplify logging logic as follows: Syslog verbosity is now disabled by
      default, but setting the "--syslog-verbosity" flag enables it regardless of whether you're at an
      interactive console. Additionally, "--log-file-verbosity" and "--monitoring-verbosity" now
      default to 1 (info about steps borgmatic is taking) instead of 0. And both syslog logging and
      file logging can be enabled simultaneously.
    • #743: Add a monitoring hook for sending backup status and logs to Grafana Loki. See the
      documentation for more information:
    • #753: When "archive_name_format" is not set, filter archives using the default archive name
    • #754: Fix error handling to log command output as one record per line instead of truncating
      too-long output and swallowing the end of some Borg error messages.
    • #757: Update documentation so "sudo borgmatic" works for pipx borgmatic installations.
    • #761: Fix for borgmatic not stopping Borg immediately when the user presses ctrl-C.
    • Update documentation to recommend installing/upgrading borgmatic with pipx instead of pip. See the
      documentation for more information:
  • 1.8.2 962daaa8b9

    witten released this 2023-08-14 19:54:38 +00:00 | 180 commits to main since this release

    • #345: Add "key export" action to export a copy of the repository key for safekeeping in case
      the original goes missing or gets damaged.
    • #727: Add a MariaDB database hook that uses native MariaDB commands instead of the deprecated
      MySQL ones. Be aware though that any existing backups made with the "mysql_databases:" hook are
      only restorable with a "mysql_databases:" configuration.
    • #738: Fix for potential data loss (data not getting restored) in which the database "restore"
      action didn't actually restore anything and indicated success anyway.
    • Remove the deprecated use of the MongoDB hook's "--db" flag for database restoration.
    • Add source code reference documentation for getting oriented with the borgmatic code as a
      developer: https://torsion.org/borgmatic/docs/reference/source-code/
  • 1.8.1 3c8f6040e2

    witten released this 2023-08-04 04:56:26 +00:00 | 189 commits to main since this release