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  Dan Helfman cc9dbb1def Support for Borg repository initialization via borgmatic --init command-line flag (#110). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 6a0219a7a4 Update README with link to a new/forked Docker image (#113). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 71b1c3dfb0 Make automated tests support running in Python 3.5. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman af7caec509 Mention minimum Borg version to install in README. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman d16f5d5df3 Add backticks to path literal in README. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 3ce5533103 Make end-to-end test clean up after itself, and drop unnecessary use of Docker for it. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 0b164973e0 Add an end-to-end automated test that actually integrates with Borg. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman f9a9b42c58 A little introductory text for the screencast. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 56ad1d164a Use Flake8 code checker as part of running automated tests. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 3cce18919c Switch Black link to documentation. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 76d6a69f5a Use Black code formatter as part of running automated tests. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 3db17277b4 Replace broken screencast thumbnail with embedded player. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman ece49eb500 Update screencast. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 47efa88c9d In generate-borgmatic-config, comment out all optional config (#57). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 596f6f9dac Update help/README about --create --json. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 94795a3560 Link to Borg home page instead of docs. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 7705debab0 Switching back to table-like 11ty front matter. It looks less bad than JSON. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman f87df0527f Adding JSON front matter for 11ty. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman e4512a40e0 Removing 11ty front matter out of README since it renders as a table on GitHub. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 2648f07e7a Add missing syntax highlighting. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 459bf1fcf6 Document --list and --info flags. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman acecb1e397 README metadata changes to support 11ty static site generator. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 4644f613b2 Fix typo in README. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 3afa5ac76d Document hooks (#81). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 27f8a1df04 Switch to non-raw link to sample cron job. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 8e5b0bbf17 Remove errant ctrl-F character from docs. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 9968a15ef8 Clarifying code style for multiline constructs. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman d93da55ce9 Add code style guidelines to the documention, and reformat some code accordingly. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 219e287c6c Document how to develop on and contribute to borgmatic. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 1db808fb3d Link to OpenBSD port of borgmatic. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 76656275c3 Update README to mention other ways of installing borgmatic. (#62) 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 61033bb4e5 Update tox.ini to only assume Python 3.x instead of Python 3.4 specifically. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman e608b7924a Adding note about executable location. 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 0112407250 Add introductory screencast link to documentation. 2 years ago
  newtonne e55e9e8139 Add `encryption_passcommand` configuration option 2 years ago
  Dan Helfman 0881da4a82 New issue tracker. 2 years ago
  Dan 8b2ebdc5f7 Simplifying example. 2 years ago
  Thomas LÉVEIL 24b5eccefc add support for Borg `--keep-minutely` prune option 2 years ago
  Dan 5ce25e2790 Re-fixing logo image. 2 years ago
  Dan 8243552c8c Fixing PNG path. 2 years ago
  Dan 9ec9269a18 Link to repository encryption section of Borg Quick Start. 2 years ago
  Dan bf5cbd1deb Mentioning use of BORG_PASSPHRASE environment variable. 2 years ago
  Dan fc077af4ce Mentioning borgmatic --config option in docs. 2 years ago
  Dan 6e9e7c45d7 Being explicit about markdown syntax highlighting in README. 2 years ago
  Dan c1ca4b9421 Using absolute path for logo. 2 years ago
  Dan a5403a4373 Switched logo from SVG to PNG for compatibility reasons. 2 years ago
  Dan 9c1660f467 Fix typo in README. 2 years ago
  Dan dd926b5762 Updating links. 2 years ago
  Dan 9d03351b5d Converted main source repository from Mercurial to Git. 2 years ago
  b3vis 86511deac4 Added section about docker (#18) 2 years ago