124 Commits (master)

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  Dan Helfman cc9dbb1def Support for Borg repository initialization via borgmatic --init command-line flag (#110). 11 months ago
  Dan Helfman 300ead65d3 Error when deprecated --excludes command-line option is used. 11 months ago
  Dan Helfman 7417a3cd00 Update Borg create --filter values so a dry run lists files to back up. (#111). 11 months ago
  Dan Helfman 9ca80a54d8 Support for Borg create --progress via borgmatic command-line flag (#108). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 5c0b17ef39 Support for Borg --chunker-params create option via "chunker_params" in borgmatic's storage section (#105). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 695930a607 Fix for syntax error that occurred in Python 3.5 and below (#102). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman fa38de2de7 Enable consistency checks for only certain repositories via "check_repositories" (#73). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman e4d1b49c39 Switch some functions with many arguments to kwargs only. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 2f20e6f808 Include link to issue tracker within various command output. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman da8e9638f4 Support for Borg --keep-secondly prune option (#98). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman a125df991b Move tests to the root of the repository, in keeping with more common convention. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 56ad1d164a Use Flake8 code checker as part of running automated tests. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 76d6a69f5a Use Black code formatter as part of running automated tests. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 746428ed44 Fix generated configuration to also include a "keep_daily" value so pruning works out of the box. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 984702b3b2 Fix various warnings. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 47efa88c9d In generate-borgmatic-config, comment out all optional config (#57). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 596f6f9dac Update help/README about --create --json. 1 year ago
  Nils Hesse 98cb2644db
check_archives does not take json parameter 1 year ago
  Florian Lindner 9aaf78b9dd Add --json option for --create command line. 1 year ago
  floli a836ec944f Limit argument range for --verbose, make default log level more explicit. (#93) 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman c5ff08ee25 Remove now-gone verbosity parameter from test. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 856db29180 Mention --read-special in NEWS. 1 year ago
  Steve Kerrison 20e09b4ea8 Support for Borg create --read-special via "read_special" option (#25). 1 year ago
  floli 7252b8d614 Rework logging/verbosity system (#90) 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 9b48eb5a61 Clarify that --json can be used with --info command-line flag. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 7d40a448cb Pass --show-rc option to Borg when at highest verbosity level (#89). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman da7aed3814 Support for Borg create --checkpoint-interval (#87). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 7b77fd2510 Fix compatibility issue between pykwalify and ruamel.yaml 0.15.52 (#85). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 282e9565c9 Mentioning new --info --json option in NEWS. 1 year ago
  Thomas LÉVEIL b714ffd48b add support for `--info --json` (#83) 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman d93da55ce9 Add code style guidelines to the documention, and reformat some code accordingly. 1 year ago
  Thomas LÉVEIL 789bcd402a add support for `--list --json` (#74) 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman cf6ab60d2e Use XDG_CONFIG_HOME for user configuration directory, if set. (Thanks to floli.) (#71) 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 64364b20ff Skip non-"*.yaml" config filenames in /etc/borgmatic.d/ so as not to parse backup files, editor swap files, etc. (#77) 1 year ago
  Thomas LÉVEIL d664b6d253 only run hooks when creating an archive 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman cf846ab8ac Support for Borg prune --umask option (#69). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman dede8f9d4b News for: ~/.config/borgmatic/config.yaml. 1 year ago
  Florian Lindner 9bd77292ff Add default path for user configuration 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 765e343c71 Support for Borg --info via borgmatic command-line (#61). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman af4b91a048 Support for Borg --list option via borgmatic command-line to list all archives (#61). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman cc9044487b Support for Borg --nobsdflags option to skip recording bsdflags (e.g. NODUMP, IMMUTABLE) in archive (#63). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 007ec0644c Ignore "check_last" and consistency "prefix" when "archives" not in consistency checks. (#59) 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman f7f852a28b Fix tests broken by addition of check --prefix default. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 9b9c4c4abb Clarifying note in schema about adding prefix to consistency section. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 1b59f5b190 Changing version in warning to correspond with next release version. 1 year ago
  Nick Whyte c64d0100d5 Only check archives with matching prefix. 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman 2d3f5fa05d Support for Borg --lock-wait option for the maximum wait for a repository/cache lock (#56). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman a87036ee46 Support for using tilde in exclude_patterns to reference home directory (#58). 1 year ago
  Dan Helfman a72f5ff69a Tests for --dry-run + --verbosity fix. 1 year ago
  newtonne bb99009191 Fix issue when using both --dry-run and -v options. 1 year ago