Simple, configuration-driven backup software for servers and workstations
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import itertools
def make_flags(name, value):
Given a flag name and its value, return it formatted as Borg-compatible flags.
if not value:
return ()
flag = '--{}'.format(name.replace('_', '-'))
if value is True:
return (flag,)
return (flag, str(value))
def make_flags_from_arguments(arguments, excludes=()):
Given borgmatic command-line arguments as an instance of argparse.Namespace, and optionally a
list of named arguments to exclude, generate and return the corresponding Borg command-line
flags as a tuple.
return tuple(
make_flags(name, value=getattr(arguments, name))
for name in sorted(vars(arguments))
if name not in excludes and not name.startswith('_')