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2020-01-30 23:42:48 +00:00
title: Security policy
permalink: security-policy/index.html
## Supported versions
While we want to hear about security vulnerabilities in all versions of
2021-07-26 20:44:14 +00:00
borgmatic, security fixes are only made to the most recently released version.
2023-04-20 21:28:04 +00:00
It's not practical for our small volunteer effort to maintain multiple release
branches and put out separate security patches for each.
2020-01-30 23:42:48 +00:00
## Reporting a vulnerability
If you find a security vulnerability, please [file a
ticket]( or [send email
directly]( as appropriate. You should expect to hear
2021-07-26 20:44:14 +00:00
back within a few days at most and generally sooner.